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Origami power-folding strollers A small company with 4 real moms for inspiration, 4moms is dedicated to making innovative baby products that make life easier for parents.
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Strollers are all the same and haven’t changed for decades. That’s why 4moms developed the Origami power-folding stroller. It's the world's first power-folding stroller, complete with LCD, daytime running lights, and onboard generator. Press a button to watch it open and close by itself, and charge the battery just by walking.
Origami power-folding stroller
The Amazing Power Folding Stroller
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It's the world's first power-folding stroller, complete with LCD, daytime running lights, and onboard generator. Press a button to watch it open and close by itself, and charge the battery just by walking.

Origami strollers

Price From: $849.99


Optional Accessories:

4moms 4M-006-27 Handle Bag + Cell Phone Cable, add $31.95

(*48 continental United States only)

Origami Color Kits

Strollers are all the same and havent changed for decades. Thats why 4moms developed the Origami power-folding stroller.

At the touch of a button, it folds itself. Its also a cell phone-charging, mileage-counting, LCD-sporting stroller, with generators in the rear wheels that charge it as you walk.

Plus, the Origami has daytime running lights, pathway lights for low-light conditions, and sensors that detect when a childs in the seat (so itll never fold by accident).

From power folding to cell phone charging, the Origami is what strollers should be.

Innovations Include:
  • Power-folding
  • Built-in generator
  • LCD interface
  • Child safety sensors
  • Pathway lights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Four-wheel suspension
  • No disassembly required
  • One-push brake
  • Sunroof
  • No "kick zone"
  • Zero pinch points
  • Low-force motor
  • Reflective piping
  • Four cup holders
  • Lots of storage
  • Reclining seat
  • Luggage-style pull wheels
  • Recyclable materials
  • Responsible Return program
  • Manual override
  • USB charging cable accessory (not-included)
  • Handlebar bag accessory (not-included)
  • Owner`s Manual

Its the worlds first power-folding stroller: at the touch of a button, it folds itself. To open or close the stroller, just push that button and relax while the rest takes care of itself

Built-in generator
Products for kids consume millions of alkaline batteries each year, and we didn’t want to add to that total. The Origami has built-in generators so the system recharges itself while you walk. Sure, you can plug it into a wall or even fold it manually if you need to, but a short walk is all it takes to keep the battery fully charged. It’s hard to be greener than that.

We’ve heard it before: won’t it eat my baby? Never fear: the Origami’s strictly vegetarian. Built-in sensors means it won’t fold a child in the seat, and the two-step activation system means you won’t fold it by accident. Plus, the Origami has daytime running lights to keep it visible at all times, and pathway lights to brighten your way in low-light conditions.

LCD Screen
The LCD interface makes the Origami so easy to use our grandmothers can do it (no offense, Grandma). Plus, the Origami knows things. All you have to do is look at the display to confirm it knows a child is in the seat, or how charged the battery is, or how far you’ve walked. Easy, convenient, and very cool.

Safety Features

Child Safety Sensors
We’ve heard it before: won’t it eat my baby? Never fear: the Origami’s strictly vegetarian. Built-in sensors mean it won’t fold with a child in the seat, and obstruction detection software means it stops if folding if there’s something in the way.

Pathway & Daytime Running Lights
Come rain or come complete and utter darkness, the Origami is easy to see. Daytime running lights make it highly visible to drivers, and pathway lights illuminate your way in low-light conditions.

Two-Step Fold
So you won’t do it by accident, folding the Origami takes two (easy) steps: turn the activation ring, then push the button. There’s also a hidden lock switch to thwart those curious toddlers.

Reflective Piping
The Origami’s reflective piping adds to the stroller’s nighttime visibility, and glows like a halo in photos taken at the right angle. Safe and cool!

Zero Pinch Points
The Origami was designed to minimize pinch points. It folds by telescoping in and out (nothing folds over or snaps together) and the handle bar, seat ring, and legs are opposing curves so nothing can get trapped between them, even when folded. From the frame to the sunshade to the safety harness, the Origami was made with the safety of little arms, legs, fingers, and toes in mind.

Low-Force Motor
About the size of a D-cell battery, the Origami’s motor exerts the same amount of force as those that automate sliding minivan doors.

Easy to Use

LCD Screen

  1. Battery Life Indicator
  2. Child Safety Sensor
  3. Thermometer
  4. Lifetime and Trip Odometers
  5. Speedometer

No Disassembly Required
You shouldnt have to take a stroller apart to fold it. Why should you have to remove the seat or unscrew the wheels when the last thing you need is more pieces to keep track of? The Origami folds into one neat package: seat, wheels and storage bag included.

One-Push Brake
Lock or unlock both wheels with one click, just like a ball point pen.

Peek-a-boo window? How about a sunroof? Keep an eye on your baby whether your sunshade is open or closed.

Its hardly a stroll if you keep kicking some horizontal support bar on your stroller. The Origamis design leaves lots of open space for your feet.

Real World Solutions

Four-Wheel Suspension
On the sidewalk or off-road, the Origami delivers a comfortable ride. Independent four-wheel suspension means this stroller handles bumps and curbs like a champ. Four Cup Holders

Four Cup Holders
With two cup holders in the handlebar and two more in the seat, there’s plenty of room for water bottles, lattes, or sippy cups.

Lots of Storage
Just because we didn’t name the Origami after a beast of burden doesn’t mean it can’t moonlight as a pack animal. Four seat back pockets, a detachable handlebar bag accessory, and a large detachable hanging bag provide plenty of room for all your gear.

Seat Recline
Just adjust the strap to take the Origamis seat upright at 72° to comfortably reclined at 40°. For newborn seating options

Luggage-Style Pull Wheels
Not only does the Origami fold a the push of a button into one neat piece, its got wheels hidden under the Power Pod to make it easy to transport while folded

Manual Override
We know every parent wants a "just in case", so just turn a secret switch to put the Origami in manual mode and easily fold it by hand.


Built-in generator
Products for kids consume millions of alkaline batteries each year, and we didn’t want to add to that total. The Origami has built-in generators so the system recharges itself as you push. A short walk is all it takes to keep the battery fully charged, and even charge your cell phone. It’s hard to be greener than that.

Recyclable Materials
The Origami’s entire frame (seat ring, legs, and central bar) is made from recyclable aluminum. All the plastic shielding (handlebar, fenders, power pod) and the foam rubber tires are recyclable, too.


Weight and Age Limits
Origami with seat ring: 40 lbs (usually about two years) Origami with car seat adapter: follow the weight and age limits of your specific car seat

Aluminum tubes
Polyester fabric
Foam rubber composite tires Lithium polymer battery

Wipe down the plastic or aluminum parts of the Origami with mild soap and water. The seat insert and storage bag are machine-washable. We recommend you not store the Origami below freezing temperatures, as this can decrease battery life.

Open: Closed:
Wheel base: length: 38 inches
32 in long width: 21 inches
28 inches wide at the rear height: 14 inches
front wheels to handlebar:
41 inches long
height: 39 inches

Origami Color Kits
4moms 4M-006-02-000601 Origami Color Kits - Black Seat
Price: $99.99
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4moms 4M-006-02-000201 Origami Color Kits - Silver Seat
Price: $99.99
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4moms 4M-006-02-000301 Origami Color Kits - Red Seat
Price: $99.99
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4moms 4M-006-02-001101 Origami Color Kits - Blue Seat
Price: $99.99
In Stock
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From the Wall Street Journal

I don't believe in UFOs, but I spotted one as I was walking up Park Avenue the other day. As I approached, I discovered it wasn't actually extraterrestrial life but a futuristic-looking baby stroller that appeared to be hovering just above the sidewalk. The effect was caused by lights that illuminated the underside of the carriage, as well as the pavement in front of it and to its sides.

The Origami stroller

Needless to say, I was charmed. It's been a while since I've needed a baby stroller, either for myself or my children, but I wanted to go right out and buy one. I'm something of a student of these devices, with strong feelings about the ideal size, design and accoutrements—as I suspect anyone is who's ever had an infant or toddler, or does currently, and comes to think of the stroller as an appendage, and an occasionally unruly one at that.

But as soon as I saw this thing, I thought, "Why not?" Why hadn't anyone thought of stroller lights before? And, come to think of it, why not dozens of other options? If your Range Rover can have Blenheim leather seats, a 14-speaker sound system and parking sensors, why should your little pride and joy suffer with less?

Because it's so long since I purchased a pram, my assumption was that I was late to the game and that running lights are standard these days, that I simply hadn't been paying attention. But when I visited FAO Schwartz, which has a decent stroller department, they had no idea what I was talking about. Had I been seeing things? What had I been doing that night before encountering the UFO stroller and how much had I had to drink?

The stroller collapses with the push of a button.

The saleswoman suggested I contact buybuy Baby, a downtown store that apparently has a large stroller department. I did, and the sales associate who answered the phone told me I wasn't seeing things, but that the stroller in question, called the Origami and manufactured by 4moms (makers of the indispensable Mamaroo baby bouncer), was so new to the market that the store was awaiting its first shipment. But people were already asking for it.

I called 4moms and arranged an interview with Henry Thorne, the da Vinci industrial designer behind the stroller. As it turned out, Giggle, a children's store right in my neighborhood, was already selling them. So great was my anticipation that I rushed right over, even before debriefing Mr. Thorne, to see the chariot in person.

The Origami was as delightful and as fashion-forward as I recalled when I encountered it on Park Avenue. Its most impressive feature—especially if you're a mom (or a dad, for that matter) with a baby, pocketbook, phone, newspaper, coffee, groceries or any of an infinite variety of things parents find themselves weighted down by during the normal course of business—isn't the mood lights, though they're pretty amazing, too. It's the Origami's "power-folding" feature. Simply hit an ergonomic button on the handle and the thing folds like a house of cards. Obviously, you have to remember to remove baby first.

And there are lots of other neat features, my favorite being its LCD dashboard. It's a screen that shows whether your infant is seated in the stroller—so you don't leave without him—your speed, distance (both trip and lifetime), the ambient temperature and how much battery (what powers all these bells and whistles, thanks to a built-in generator) you have left. The LCD screen.

It's even animated. As you roll down the street, the display's background features the sun and clouds. "At night the clouds change to stars and the sun to the moon," Mr. Thorne, chief technology officer of 4moms, explained when I got him on the phone.

The only drawback I could find was the Origami's weight, 29 lbs. It's fine if your stroller can make an espresso—the Origami can't (yet), but it does have handy cup holders for both parent and child. But my dim recollection is that the single most important factor in selecting a stroller, besides price (particularly when you're rushing for the crosstown bus with your kid under your arm, or chasing it down the Spanish Steps), is weight. That and being able to fold it with one hand.

I brought this sole reservation to the attention of one of the sales associates at Giggle. She wasn't particularly well versed in the specifics of the Origami, it having so recently arrived. But when I raised the challenge of mounting bus or subway stairs with it, she said, "A lot of people in the city don't go on subways and buses. We work on lifestyle."

I took that to mean that some New York moms and dads, at least in that rarefied region of the Upper East Side—the store was at 74th Street and Lexington Avenue—need never bother with heavy lifting. That's what nannies and doormen are for.

Mr. Thorne didn't consider the weight a big deal, either. "It folds so compactly it makes it an easier lift," he explained. By the way, hit the fold button when the stroller's in the collapsed position and it pops right back up like a Vaudeville performer. "It's got luggage wheels that make it easy to pull around like a suitcase."

When I spoke with Rob Daley, CEO of 4moms and the man whose idea it was to build a power-folding stroller after he saw the difficulty parents on the go had folding conventional strollers, he admitted: "It's heavier than we would like it to be." But he added, "In the world of full-sized, full-featured strollers, we're in the middle of the pack."

It's not cheap, either, retailing in the $850 range.

But why quibble? Genius has its price, especially when it comes with landing lights, and did I mention the cellphone charger? Among the other options 4moms is considering is a sound system, and perhaps a heating element to keep baby toasty on even the most frigid days.

Knowing how neurotic and overprotective New York City parents can be, I suggested the Origami incorporate onto the dashboard one of those monitors they have at hospitals that measure heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and pulse.

Mr. Daly sounded receptive to the idea. "Once you put intelligence into a stroller," he stated cheerfully, "it opens up a whole world of possibilities."

Mother’s Day episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Watch the Origami on Ellen!
The Origami was part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show's Mother's Day Special!

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