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Accessories - Scales
Health O Meter
Detecto  (All)
Detecto 285R31 Commodity Scoop
Commodity Scoop> more ...
Detecto DR400C-Case for DR400 Low-Profile Platform Scales
Detecto DR400C-Case for DR400 Low-Profile Platform Scales> more ...
Detecto CW-9 Counterweight for 437, 438, 439, 448 or 449 Scale
Counterweight for use with new 437, 438, 439, 448 and 449 scales (Increases weight range from 400 lb to 500 lb)> more ...
Detecto MB-Case Carrying Case for MB130 and MB150
Detecto MB-Case Carrying Case for MB130 and MB150> more ...
Detecto PHRCASE Case Fits the Detecto PHR Portable Height Rod and Detecto DR400C
Detecto PHRCASE Case Fits the Detecto PHR Portable Height Rod and Detecto DR400> more ...
Detecto PHR Portable Mechanical Height Rod for DR400C
DETECTO model PHR stadiometer features a unique flipping head piece that lets you add a DETECTO DR400C digital floor scale at the base to measure weight and height simultaneously. If you use the PHR without a DR400C scale at the base, simply flip the head piece upside down to convert it for accurate height readings only.> more ...
Detecto MLM Infant Stadiometer Mechanical Baby Length Measuring
DETECTOs mechanical infant stadiometer is a durable, portable length measuring device which ensures years of trouble-free operation and requires no electricity to operate. The model MLM's graduation measures in 0.125 in / 1 mm increments ranging from 2.5 to 39 in and 65 to 1,000 mm, so it may be used with not only babies but also infants up to two years old.> more ...
Detecto DLM Digital Baby Length Measuring Device for MB130 and MB150
Detecto DLM Digital Baby Length Measuring Device for MB130 and MB150 Detectos model DLM Digital Baby Length Measuring Device provides lightning-fast readouts. The lightweight design and battery power make it ideal for easy transport from one patient room to another> more ...
Detecto Model 204 Digital Weight Indicator - 1' LCD display
Digital Weight Indicator, 1" LCD display, stainless steel enclosure, 6 "C" cells or optional AC adapter, for floor hugger models> more ...
Doran  (All)
Doran DS4100-C Case for DS4100 or DS4050 Baby scale
Transport the Model DS4100 safely with the optional padded carrying case> more ...
Doran DS4900 Neonatal/Infant Scale Cart for DS5040 DS4100 and DS4300
Constructed of heavy guage painted steel, the scale cart provides a convenient and safe way to move the neonatal or infant scale around a busy medical office or hospital pediatric ward> more ...
Health O Meter  (All)
HealthOMeter 64771 Scale Carrying Case
FREE Ground Shipping *
more ...
Health O Meter ADPT-31 AC Adapter
FREE Ground Shipping *
Health O Meter ADPT AC Adapter for 500KL> more ...
LifeSource  (All)
Lifesource AX-K03057-200 USB Smart Cable for UC-321, UA-767PC and TM2430
This USB smart Cable connects with A&D serial devices with RS232C output to USB ports or connectors. The Smart cable features one RS-232 mini plug, one USB series A plug, and a USB chip. This cable works with the UC-321 Precision scale, The UA-767PC BP monitor and the TM2430 ABPM.> more ...
MedWeigh  (All)
Seca  (All)
Seca Accessories
FREE Ground Shipping *
From: $43.00
Simple and convenient. The head positioner seca 419 can be fastened easily to the baby scale seca 334. This accessory increases safety during weighing and provides extra security at the head end of the weighing tray more ...
Seca 400 AC adapter for Seca 334 / 374 / 703 / 763 / 769 / 869 / 952 / 954
FREE Ground Shipping *
AC adapter for Seca 400 AC adapter for Seca 334 / 374 / 703 / 763 / 769 / 869 / 952 / 954> more ...
Seca 437 Adapter Element
FREE Ground Shipping *
Inserted between the base of the stadiometer and platform, the adapter element fastens the system to a flat scale. A patient can be weighed and measured in just one step.> more ...
Seca 413 Carry Case for 354 and 383
FREE Ground Shipping *
With this case, baby scales seca 354 can be transported comfortably and safely. The exact fit of the seca 413 provides optimum protection for each pair of scales; the large opening facilitates the packing and unpacking of the scales. An adjustable shoulder strap makes transport easier. The water-repellent nylon surface of the case enhances protection.> more ...
Seca 421 Scale Carrying Case
FREE Ground Shipping *
The carrying case for the Seca 869, Seca 876, Seca 882, or Seca 884 floor scales. This durable nylon case is roomy and spacious yet weighs only 2 lbs. Comes complete with comfortable shoulder strap> more ...
Seca 428 Baby Scale Case
FREE Ground Shipping *
Robust, spacious baby scale case, designed for the Seca 334. With a shoulder strap and carrying handle for easy transport> more ...
Seca 418 Head and Foot positioners for Seca 374
FREE Ground Shipping *
Easy and convenient: The head and foot positioners seca 418 can easily be attached to the baby scales seca 374 with just three screws. This is an accessory which makes the baby even more secure when weighing as the baby is additionally secured at the top and bottom end of the weighing tray. Integrated handles also make it easier to transport the seca 374.> more ...
Seca 414 Case for 345 Baby Scales
FREE Ground Shipping *
This carrying case of water-repellent nylon is a robust aid for the Seca 354 & 364 baby scales. Taylor-made shoulder pads and reinforced side walls provide optimum protection and transport is easy and comfortable with the adjustable strap or handle> more ...
Seca 233 Measuring Rod for seca 374
FREE Ground Shipping *
The measuring rod seca 233 with integrated head and foot positioner turns the seca 376 into a complete weighing and measuring system. A single time-saving step for weighing and measuring is made possible by the easy assembly and effortless read-out of results.> more ...
Seca 472 Stand For Scale Display and Measuring Rods
FREE Ground Shipping *
The seca 472 stand is the stable solution for cable remote displays of seca scales and measuring rods seca 882, seca 242, seca 634, seca 656, seca 674, seca 656 and seca 984. The stable construction with non-slip rubber feet replaces the former model on transport castors and can be positioned anywhere quickly and securely> more ...
Seca 224 Side Mounted Telescopic atttachable Height Rod for Seca 756
FREE Ground Shipping *
This telescopic measuring rod can be fitted at the seca 756.> more ...
Seca 231 measuring rod for seca 728
FREE Ground Shipping *
This rod converts the baby scales seca 728 into a complete weighing and measuring station - one can measure and weigh the baby on the scales and thus save time. It is easy to mount on the scales with the perfectly fitting connections.> more ...
Seca 462 Scale Cart for 727 and 728 infant scales
FREE Ground Shipping *
The Seca 462 is a sturdy cart with locking wheels for use with all Seca baby scales. The cart is especially well-suited for the Seca 727 and Seca 728.> more ...
Tanita  (All)
Tanita Carrying Case
FREE Ground Shipping *
From: $175.00
 more ...
Tanita C-300 Carrying Case for BWB-Series
FREE Ground Shipping *
more ...
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