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Chatillon MSC Muscle Strength Evaluator

The Chatillon MSC series is ideal for muscle strength testing, job task analysis and ergonomic evaluations. This compact, easy to use force gauge is designed for physical medicine, occupational medicine and sports medicine applications and general patient assessment in family, neurological and orthopedic practices.

Simplicity was a key design criteria for both clinicians and technicians. Measurement accuracy is better than 0.1% full scale. A large, easy to read, high resolution dot matrix LCD display supports a variety of measurements including normal and peak readings, dominant v non-dominant comparisons, pass / fail results, statistical results, load averaging, load comparisons, measurement actuation and direction. Measurements are displayed in ounces, grams, pounds, kilograms and Newtons units. The display can be inverted and displayed results may be "hidden" from the patient during testing.

The Chatillon MSC force gauge comes standard with carrying case, battery adapter / charger and NIST Certificate of Calibration with data. A variety of testing fixtures are optionally available. The MSC digital force gauge has been designated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be a Class 2 Medical Device.

Chatillon MSC Muscle Strength Evaluator

Chatillon MSC Muscle Strength Evaluator
All models $1154.25

MSCK Accessory Kit, Add $388.37

FCEK Accessory Kit, Add $366.79



Try the New Chatillon X-3328 DFS Series Kit for Muscle Strength Comparison

Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.


  • FDA Class II Medical Device
  • Advanced Operating Modes
    • Normal
    • Peak tension and compression
    • Muscle strength comparison
    • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Statistical Calculations
    • Mean with Maximum and Minimum values
    • Coefficient of Variation with Mean and Standard Deviation
    • Standard Deviation with Variance and Mean
    • % Differentiation
  • Integral Loadcells
    • Accuracy ±0.1% of full scale
    • Mechanical overload protection to 150% of full scale
  • Simple Operator Interface
    • High resolution dot matrix LCD display
    • Menus with prompts for ease of use
    • Dedicated and function keys with navigation pod
  • NIST Calibration with Data - IEC/ISO17025 Cert with Uncertainty is also available
  • 2 year warranty
0 x 0.1
Model Price ounces grams pounds kilograms Newtons
MSC-500 $1154.25 8000 x 1 - 500 x 0.05 250 x 0.02 2500 x 0.2


  • Accuracy: ±0.1% of full scale ±LSC
  • Certification: calibration with NIST data, IEC/ISO17025 optional
  • Data Sampling Rate: 5000 Hz
  • Peak Capture Rate: 5000 Hz
  • Display Update Rate: 10 Hz
  • Tare Capacity: 10% full scale
  • Overload Protection: 150% full scale
  • Display Characteristics: high resolution, dot matrix LCD, 8 lines, 40 characters, adjustable contrast, invert and "hide" capability
  • Automatic Shut Down: configurable time. May be disabled.
  • Data Storage: 10 results, optional NEXYGEN software for unlimited storage and automated testing and analysis.
  • Outputs: RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic) and ±2Vdc analog
  • Power: Battery or direct AC operation. Universal Power: 120V / 230V, Rechargeable nickel metal hydride (supplied), International Universal AC adapter.
  • Battery Life: 30 hours, continuous use. Gauge may be operated with direct AC power source
  • Instrument Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • FDA Classification: Class II Medical Device
  • Operating Temperature: 40 to 100 F (4 to 38 C)
  • Warranty: 2 years

Because you expect more from a Chatillon gauge...

Physical Medicine

Use the Chatillon MSC to accurately measure and document musculoskeletal strength. Evaluate individual muscle groups in flexion / extension, internal / external rotation, plantar flexion, dorsi flexion and abduction / adduction.

Sports Medicine

Objectively quantify an athlete's musculoskeletal force output. Evaluate and document the effectiveness of the training regiment and track the athlete's progress.

Chatillon MSC Muscle Strength Evaluator

Occupational Medicine

Conduct job task analysis, ergonomic analysis and functional capacity testing with the Chatillon MSC. measure actual push, pull or lift forces to determine job task requirements. Then quantitatively evaluate the subject's ability to perform those job tasks. Help ensure that a person is ready to assume work after an injury or test to ensure that an operation meets ADA compliance guidelines.

Class II Medical Device

The MSC has been classified by the FDA to be a Class II Medical Device

Chatillon MSC Muscle Strength Evaluator

Normal and Peak Modes

When used as a force measurement instrument, the MSC will display peak tension and compression loads. When in peak mode, the maximum force exerted during a test is displayed and may be stored for statistical comparisons or output to an external device using serial data communications. The size of the displayed information may be increased for easier viewing just by selecting a key on the keypad.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Two methods of determining functional capacity are standard with your MSC gauge. Functional capacity is useful to determine the functional stamina of a muscle group based on strength or time. It may be used to assess a subject's strength pre- and post conditioning or to evaluate a subject's strength after an injury.

Strength Method
This method allows you to define a strength threshold. The gauge will begin taking readings once the strength threshold has been reached and will continue to take and average readings until the measured strength value falls below the threshold value.

Time Method
The time method allows you to establish your strength averaging based on a strength threshold and time duration. The strength threshold determines the start of the averaging, while the time duration defines the length of the test period. The gauge will begin taking readings when the threshold is reached and will continue to take and average readings until the time duration has expired.

Statistical Results

You may save and store up to 10 results in instrument memory for later recall or to calculate statistical results when in Peak mode. The gauge labels each result and indicates memory capacity. The gauge will alert you when memory is full. Statistical results include:

  • Calculate Mean and also show you the MAX and MIN values for your calculation
  • Coefficient of Variation is calculated and displayed with the Mean and Standard Deviation value
  • Standard Deviation is calculated and displayed with the Mean and the Variance value. Total Population and Sample (n-1) methods are supported
  • Calculate and display percentage difference between consecutive test results.

High and Low Load or Pass-Fail Limits

The MSC series gauge may be configured with High and Low Load Limits or Pass-Fail Limits. Load limits allow you to establish setpoints for your testing. If the gauge exceeds a setpoint value, the gauge can provide a visual and audible alarm. You can also set up the gauge to operate as a pass-fail system. You can set up a pass-fail limit based on a limit range or a nominal value with a percentage bandwidth. Based on your setup, the gauge will provide you with a Pass-Fail indication

Intuitive Operation

A large, easy to read dot matrix display displays up to 8 lines of information. The high resolution display features contrast adjustments and can be inverted when required. The display can even be "hidden" at the press of a button. A measurement bargraph indicates load and torque direction, measured load and torque and helps to prevent overloads. The sensors feature mechanical overload protection of 150% of full scale.

The rubber keypad features dedicated and dynamic function keys. The function keys correspond to displayed options and guide the user during operation. A navigation pod lets you navigate in the menus and to scroll and change values quickly. The innovative "i" key can be used to display critical information on the gauge such as gauge capacity and resolution, battery life, loadcell overload history, even service information including last calibration date, or the location of service centers.

Intuitive Operation

Simplified Setup

Menus and intelligent prompts make gauge setup fast and easy. Gauge options are presented in "List Format". Using the navigation pod and function keys, you simply select the functions and parameters required. The gauge will guide you through the setup process. Default settings are provided and a "Quick Reset" allows you to re-establish defaults with a single key press.

Muscle Strength Diagnostics

Self Diagnostics

The MSC series force gauge incorporates flash memory and hosts a set of self-diagnostic functions for monitoring the display, keypad and electronics. Using the "i" key, you have immediate access to battery conditions, including estimated battery life remaining. You can also view loadcell status, including the number or overloads that have been applied to the gauge. Zero offset verification is standard and a step by step calibration procedure is built in, allowing you to calibrate your MSC gauge with certified standards.

Muscle Strength Comparisons

Compar muscle strength from a normal (dominant "D") muscle to an impaired (non-dominant "ND") muscle. The MSC allows you to perform 5 sets for the dominant and non-dominant muscle group and compare results statistically. Once the test is completed, you can review individual test data and compare results. Both sets of results are displayed simultaneously including the calculated variance and % difference (force variation). You may also calculate and display Mean, MIN and MAX results, Coefficient of Variation (COV) and Standard Deviation. Results may be transmitted to an external device using RS232 serial communications.

Muscle Strength Comparisons
Muscle Strength Comparisons

Accessory Kits

FCEK Accessory Kit Includes:

FCEK Accessory Kit

  • Soft Case fanny pack
  • Hook with Latch
  • Flat Disc with Rubber Pad
  • Curved Compression Fixture
  • V-Notch Adapter
  • Pistol Grip Assembly
  • Gasp Cable with Loops
  • 6 inch Extension Rod
  • 5/16-28 Thread Knurled Nut

MSCK Accessory Kit Includes:

MSCK Accessory Kit

  • Carrying Case
  • Hook with Latch
  • Flat Disc with Rubber Pad
  • 1 inch V-notch adapter
  • 5/8 inch V-notch adapter
  • Rectangular Compression Fixture, Large
  • Rectangular Compression Fixture, Small
  • Gasp Cable with Loops
  • 6 inch Extension Rod
  • Palm Fixture
  • 5/16-28 Thread Knurled Nut


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