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SKU: FG-0601-11

The Mountain Boy Ultimate Flyer is an elegant hand made beautiful sled that glides and turns like no other sled you ve ever tried The entire front section of the sled pivots letting you make much sharper turns than on a conventional flexible flyer And
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When Mountain Boy Sledworks builds an Ultimate Flyer, they start with planks of beautiful, golden birch. They plane down the planks, sand them, burn in the Mountain Boy brand, and give every piece several coats of marine-grade finish. Mountain Boy attaches hand rails of hand-carved willow, giving each sled a unique look and feel. Copper ferrules between the body of the sled and the rails add to the rustic look, while adding substantial strength. Just how strong? Well, some of Mountain Boys crazier fans take them off 6 foot jumps and see how much airtime they can get.

On the bottom of the sled (see photo below), we attach a pair of proprietary, custom-molded plastic skids. We like to think of them as greased lightning -- they are very fast, but their shape allows for smooth, decisive turning. Contoured runners bite into the snow or ice so you can carve down hard-packed slopes, while a solid bottom of custom-molded slippery plastic lets the sled float through soft snow.

Mountain Boy Sledworks crew is made up of people who are both sledding fanatics and woodworkers – as you can imagine, they are always trying to design each sled to be as beautiful, functional and sturdy as possible.

The Ultimate Flyer meets all ASTM and USC child safety criteria. Please contact Mountain Boy Sledworks if youd like a copy of the independent test results.

The sled measures 47”L x 24” W x 4” H, 12 lbs. Patent-pending; imported. Weight limit: 300 lbs. Age range: 3 years+

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