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Finally! An Affordable Doppler Fetal Heartbeat Monitor -- Monitor your baby's heart beat right from home! With the Babycom Home Doppler Fetal Heartbeat Monitor, you and your family can experience the joy of hearing your baby's heartbeat at home - any time
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Monitor your babys heart beat right from home!

Now you can experience the joy and piece of mind by listening and monitoring your babys heart beat in the privacy of your home with the BabyCom Home Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor. For less than the rental rate of many fetal doppler units you can own your own, never being required to go through the headache of paying the monthly rental fees and working through the return process.

The Home Fetal Doppler by BabyCom is a state of the art, yet easy-to-use, fetal doppler hearbeat monitor that lets you experience the excitement and joy of hearing your babys heartbeat at home.

Fetal Doppler by BabyCom is the only fetal heartbeat monitor speciffically designed for personal use. The affordable home use, ultrasound fetal doppler heartbeat monitor even lets you share the sound of your babys heartbeat with friends, faimly or your doctor.

Why would you want to rent a fetal doppler heartbeat monitor and pay monthly rental fees when you can purchase your own fetal doppler heart beat monitor for about the same as a few months of rental fees.

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable to use after the 12th week of pregnancy
  • Safe - - ultrasound wave levels lower than FDA limits
  • Priced low to fit your budget
  • FDA cleared
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Operates on 1 9V battery (not included)

Currently, the FDA requires a physicians prescription for the sale or rental of Doppler fetal heartbeat monitors. Using a Doppler without physicians supervision is not recommended.

This model is backordered until further notice
For immediate delivery, please see the Hi Bebe BT-200 fetal doppler

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