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SKU: CS-200

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Brand new from Polar! From the people who know heart rate monitors best comes their first entries into the full-fledged cycling computer market - and theyve really outdone themselves with this one! The Polar CS200 and CS200-CAD cycling computer / heart rate monitor features double wireless speed AND cadence - not to mention a built in heart rate monitor - this sleek unit will give you all the data you need for a ride.

The wireless Polar CS200 and the Polar CS200-CAD is a true cycling computer that gives you all your cycling speed and distance information, along with your heart rate data. With the ability to link to your PC, the Polar CS200 is more than just a cycle computer. Easy to reach button design that mounts on your stem or bars.

  • Wireless Polar CS Speed Sensor - provides current, average, and maximum speeds. Easy attachment and aerodynamic design
  • Wireless Polar Cadence Sensor
  • Cycling Intensity - tracks in kcal/h and kcal/km
  • Stores data from last 7 training sessions
  • Innovative Estimated Time of Arrival feature enables you to ride with the goal in mind
  • SpeedPointer - indicates relation between current and average speed
  • OwnCal counts total calories burned during one exercise session and over accumulated sessions to help you reach your goals
  • OwnZone® features determines personal heart rate limits for a training session, based on your fitness level
  • OwnCode blocks unwanted signals from other computers and watches giving you disturbance-free transmission of data
  • NOTE: Polar CS200CAD includes CS speed sensor, CS cadence sensor, bike mount and Wearlink coded transmitter. The Polar CS200 does not include the cadence sensor.
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