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Italtrike s Playground Traffic Signs teach kids the fundamentals of road safety Use these durable plastic signs on your playground to direct tricycle scooter and walking traffic Fill the sturdy plastic bases with water or sand for added stability All corners are rounded for safety This set includes a traffic light stop sign and pedestrian crossong sign
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While your child is pedaling around the yard, this traffic light, stop sign, and pedestrian crossing sign set is a great way to help teach your child the rules of road safety at an early age. These will keep your child and their friends busy for hours as they use their imaginations to create roads and rules of their own. Features: Includes one traffic light, one Stop sign, and one Pedestrian Crossing sign Turning top to switch color of traffic light on a certain side Lights can be seen from all four sides of traffic light

  • Light Height: 47.5"
  • Sign Height: 51"

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