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Keep relaxed and aware of your child s whereabouts with the Mommy I m Here Alert a small two-unit wireless device that alerts you when your child has gone out of a 25-foot range The cute blue teddy-bear-shaped unit mounts easily to a child s shoe or belt Ideal in public environments such as malls the unit communicates with a keychain transmitter you keep on hand quickly producing an audible alert when a child has wandered too far
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The brand new CL-305 blue ALERT units take child safety to a new level, as a parent can still locate a wandering child with a push of their remote button, but will ALSO BE WARNED when a child wanders approximately 30 feet from their keychain remote. The remote will chirp to alert the parent of the wandering child, then simply press the button on the keychain remote to activate the alarm on the childs teddy bear worn on the shoe or belt.

If you've ever dealt with physical locator solutions like leashes or harnesses, you will appreciate the wireless design of this locator. With the Mommy I'm Here Child Locator, you can keep your leashes on your pets and walk freely with your child without worry.

Durable Unit is Water Resistant and Long-Lasting

Designed by parents for parents, the Mommy I'm Here offers several realistic assets any parent or guardian will appreciate. To begin with, it comes pre-installed with batteries, so you can start using it right away. Have a long day of activities planned? With this locator, it's no problem--the long-life batteries deliver hours of operation. And because it's engineered with active children in mind, the receiver is sturdy and water resistant.

What's in the Box

Mommy I'm Here cl-305 Child Locator (Blue) with batteries

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