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Enabling pregnant moms to utilize music to promote bonding and stimulate prenatal development.
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Sound, music, and human development are closely linked. Playing music and flowing sounds is a wonderful way for pregnant mothers to bond with their babies and advance their development.

Based on scientific research:
  • Babies exposed to prenatal music and sound show superior mental abilities and coordination.
  • The fetus can hear clearly at about 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Music and enjoyable sounds relax both the mother and fetus.
  • From 3 months on, the fetus is able to remember and process music and sound, and link them with emotions.
  • Babies remember musical sounds heard until the age of 1 year.

Ritmo Prenatal, the ultimate prenatal auditory stimulation system is based on scientific research and academic publications. Ritmo Prenatal produces surround sound at a strictly controlled audio level that ensures absolute safety for all users.

RiTMO Belt; Audio Controller; 2x RITMO speakers; Charger; Extender bag; Laundry bag; Instruction manual

RitmoTM - Pregnancy App from Nuvo Group LTD on Vimeo.

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