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SKU: 10513-HBL

This extra seat (size large) for Bloom Fresco and Bloom Fresco Loft chairs comes in Micro-Suede or Leatherette. Both materials are very easy to maintain; sponge clean with a mild detergent and can even be removed for a more thorough cleaning of the chair.
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Bloom products have simple, pure shapes which resemble furniture for adults and help create an homogenous and pleasant interior, whilst also respecting all the standards of safety and comfort for the child. As a comfy addition to your Fresco High Chair, this specially contoured Fresco Seat Pad (size large) is designed to be the perfect fit. Its micro-suede or leatherette padding makes it easy to clean and soft to touch. Made to compliment your Bloom Fresco or Fresco Loft High Chair, the Bloom Fresco Seat Pad (size large) comes in a variety of colors and fits your highchair exactly. Whether you want an extra seat pad for switching out when you want to wash the other pad or whether you want different colors to suit your mood, the Fresco Seat Pad (size large) provides endless versatility.

  • This Henna Brown Color is made from Leatherette
  • Comfortable seat pad fits your Fresco, or Fresco Loft High Chair
  • Wipe seat clean with damp sponge and mild detergent or
    detatch from your high chair to hand wash and air dry
  • Micro-suede upholstery available in five vibrant colors
    • Bermunda Blue, Harvest Orange, Frost Grey, Rosy Pink and Rock Red
  • Leatherette upholstery (An imitation leather made from paper, plastic and recycled clothes) is available in six chic colors
    • Midnight Black, Coconut White, Henna Brown, Gala Green, Metallic Solar Gold, and Metallic Lunar Silver
  • 5-point padded safety harness, adjustable for growing baby

  • Seat Material Appropriate Ages Harness Cleaning Method
    Leatherette upholstery Newborn and up 5-point padded safety harness.
    Adjustable for growing baby
    Can be removed for easy
    wipe down with mild detergent
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