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This Ameda Accessories Pack contains Ameda milk storage bags, comfort gel hydrogel soothing breast pads and Ameda flexishield Areola Stimulator. This Ameda Accessories Pack is a great accessories set to the Ameda breast pump.
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Ameda 17241 milk storage bags retain precious nutrients in mother’s milk by keeping freezer odors out and preventing the bag from splitting or cracking during freezing.

ComfortGel Hydrogel Soothing Breast Pads - Soft hydrogel pads provide cool, soothing relief for mothers who may be experiencing nipple pain or trauma associated with breastfeeding. Hydrogel pads provide a moist healing environment and help absorb leakage to keep skin healthy and to help the nipple area remain dry between feedings. With a low profile and contoured design, the hydrogel pads fit discreetly under a nursing bra. The pads are washable and may be used for up to six days, providing significant cost savings when compared to similar products.

The Ameda Flexishield Areola Stimulator is a comfortable, flexible insert that fits any Ameda breast shield and provides increased stimulation to the areola area. It mimics the feel of a babys mouth and helps stimulate the letdown reflex. The Flexishield can be helpful for mothers with engorgement allowing for a softer more flexible surface to touch the breast. It also reduces shield size for maximum effectiveness with smaller breasts.

The Ameda Accessories Pack contains
  • Ameda 17241 Milk Storage Bags
  • ComfortGel Hydrogel Soothing Breast Pads
  • Ameda FlexiShield Areola Stimulator
  • Accessories

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