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Angelcare AC201 baby movement sensors with sound monitor - Stop worrying while your baby sleeps The Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor detects your baby s slightest movements even while she sleeps
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Angelcare® Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor - Stop worrying while your baby sleeps!™

The Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor detects your babys slightest movements, even while she sleeps. While it may seem that your baby is perfectly still when she is sleeping, she really isnt. An alarm will sound alerting you to check your baby only if she becomes absolutely still for 20 seconds and no movement whatsoever is detected.

The under-the-mattress Sensor Pad detects your babys slightest movements. If your baby goes absolutely still for 20 seconds, the Sensor Pad sends a signal to the Nursery Unit which sounds an alarm alerting you to check your baby. If you are out of the babys room, the portable Parents Unit (Sound Monitor) will pick up the alarm as well as other nursery sounds. In addition, the Nursery Unit has an optional tic feature. If the Sensor Pad senses movement, the Nursery Unit will continuously tick. If it doesnt, the ticking will stop.

Your crib must have a hard flat surface. If it does not, just place a piece of masonite or a board under the mattress and place the Sensor Pad on top of the masonite and under the mattress. You may order the masonite directly from us. Be sure to place the correct side of the Sensor Pad facing up.

The BébéSounds® Movement Sensor will give you the peace of mind you wont get from just a sound monitor or even a video monitor. And, this monitor is an excellent value. It is 2 monitors in 1 so you dont have to purchase a sound monitor.

The Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor includes an under-the-mattress Sensor Pad, a Nursery Unit, a Parents Unit (sound monitor) and two AC adapters. It can also operate with 8 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Movement sensor with sound monitor
  • Movement sensor pad detects babys movements
  • Alarm will sound only if no movement is detected for 20 seconds
  • Nusery unit features low battery indicator, dual channels, alarm indicator (nursery unit transmits sound and movement information to parent unit)
  • Optional tic feature transmits a sound when baby moves
  • Parent unit provides movement indicator, dual channels, low battery indicator, alarm indicator, sound indicator
  • Parent unit shows movement in the form of LED lights, and works as a baby monitor (can hear babys sounds)
  • Nursery unit and parent unit will automatically convert to battery in case of power failure (8 AAA batteries not included)
  • Works with any size crib mattress
  • White (nursery unit shaped like a cloud, parent unit shaped like an angel)
  • Accessories

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