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The Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is the first caliper to calculate Lean Body Mass and Body Fat %. It displays your last and current results for up to 4 users
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The Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper is the first caliper to calculate Lean Body Mass and Body Fat %. It displays your last and current results for up to 4 users:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Upper, Middle, and Lower Measurements
  • chest / triceps, abs, and quads.

A unique BEEP sound calculates results once accurate pressure readings are determined

Warrior is the new leading hand held body fat caliper that lets users measure body fat!

Warrior Digital Body Fat Caliper FAQs!
The 10 Top Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is the screen so big?
Warrior uses a large screen to display current and past measurements and results in real time. So once you take a measurement, you can immediately see if you had a performance improvement over your last measurement. The display shows current and last skinfold measurements, weight, body fat %, and lean body mass.

2) How do I ensure pressure accuracy with the Warrior? Isn’t pressure the most important thing when taking a measurement?
The most important thing to do in a body fat test is to have the correct pressure while pinching your skin. The Warrior has a highly calibrated steel spring and triggering mechanism inside the jaws of the caliper. When the pressure is exactly 10 grams per square centimeter, the Warrior will “BEEP” and the measurement will record. Unlike a mechanical caliper, the measurement won’t change once it locks in the measurement.

3) How do I know that the digital technology is accurate?
The Warrior uses sophisticated Jackson-Pollack 3 site measurement equations for measuring body fat. These are the most common equations used by physicians and trainers around the world.

4) What is lean body mass and why do I want to know it?
Lean body mass is basically your weight of muscle. Warrior calculates this by figuring out your weight of body fat and subtracting it from your body weight. This is an important indicator if you are on a fat loss and muscle building program. The higher your lean body mass is as a % of your weight, the more you are improving your musculature and lowering your body fat. Warrior is the only body fat caliper on the market to measure lean body mass.

5) Why should I choose Warrior over Defender?
Both products use technological advances in the jaws to guarantee pressure accuracy while taking a measurement. If you are comfortable with digital technology and want superior measurement results, then Warrior might be a better choice. Plus Warrior can measure lean body mass, an important variable in monitoring your fat loss. The triggering mechanism on the Warrior will prevent you from oversqueezing, therefore improving results accuracy. If you are comfortable with a mechanical unit, Defender is very easy to use.

6) Is Warrior a better caliper than FatTrack?
Certainly! The FatTrack is known to have issues with premature triggering of measurements due to the inaccuracy of the blue button. Premature triggering is often disappointing and will lead to a higher body fat result. Depending on the angle that the FatTrack is held and also the way the button is pushed, you can get inaccurate results. Warrior has a much larger display so it is easier to read. It is the only body fat caliper in the world that can measuure lean body mass and keep track of your weight from the last measurement. Warrior’s jaws are designed for comfort and accuracy and are not pointy like FatTrack, so you will have no pain while pinching. Plus, your last measurements are displayed in real time, so you know immediately if you had a performance improvement since your last measurement. Also, the designer of the Warrior also designed the FatTrack, thus making sure not of the past mistakes were repeated and improving accuracy and performance.

7) I never measured body fat before, how do I do it?
Warrior comes packaged with instructions to use the caliper, instructions that demonstrate body fat measurement techniques, a battery, and body fat standards charts. Warrior is the best priced digital body fat caliper on the market.

8) What if I need help with the item?
Call Sequoia Fitness Products USA at 877-987-3737. Ask for Matt. He has been designing body fat calipers for almost 15 years and is the expert on body fat analysis and support. We also have pdf files of the instructions in case you misplace them.

9) What is the Military Standard for Physical Readiness logo on Sequoia’s products?
It is an emblem of trust and guarantee that all of the company’s products meet a standard of excellence required by the armed forces when measuring body fat. If you were to join the military, you would have to pass a body fat exam and Sequoia has the tools to help you prepare.

10) Why would I use this caliper over an Omron body impedance product or a Tanita scale?
Calipers are known to be more accurate than impedance devices. Electronic body impedance devices pass an electronic current through your body. They change with your hydration status, metabolic rate, and women on their periods. Plus, they are more expensive. Experts will tell you that calipers are the best and most accurate way to measure body fat.

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