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This package includes the gray GoPilot quart-sized tank & tube, the female adapter, and a cloth privacy bag with toiletry pockets.
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Due to the nature of this product, no returns are accepted Please read the description carefully and message us for questions before purchasing! The Lady GoPilot is the female version of the Original GoPilot Portable Urinal! It includes the GoPilot (quart sized) tank, the unique, adjustable, accordion-style tube with caps, the female adapter (which can be attached directly to the tank or to the tube), and the toiletry bag for easy storage and to store any necessary toiletries. The Lady GoPilot is easy to clean, requiring only some liquid soap and warm water. As the instructions say, it is best to "practice" using the Lady GoPilot over a toilet to get used to what position works best for you. It also helps determining if you prefer the adapter attached to the tube or put on the tank directly. A board certified obstetrician/gynecologist designed this Lady GoPilot. After several studies, we have found this female urinal to truly be the best one on the market!

After practicing over the toilet, decide if you want to attach the female adapter onto the tank or onto the tube. Once you know for sure, you can secure the pink plug onto the handle or the tube using a water-resistant string (such as dental floss) so that you dont worry about losing the plug. Once the female adapter is attached (to your preferred choice) snap on and then screw the adapter until it fits tightly and securely. Our studies have found that it works best with the rounded edge in the front (underneath you) and the pointer edge to the rear. Once you urinate, place the pink plug gently onto the female adapter to prevent leakage (but dont push too hard or it could be pushed into the tank.) Then empty the urine into a toilet at your earliest convenience. To wash your Lady GoPilot... simply un-attach the adapter and fill the GoPilot with warm water and liquid soap. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and empty. Then air dry to avoid mold growing inside of it.

This package includes the gray GoPilot quart-sized tank & tube, the female adapter, and a cloth privacy bag with toiletry pockets.

  • The female adapter was designed by a board certified OB&GYN!
  • The female adapter can be attached to the flexible tube OR to the quart sized tank.
  • Can be used from age 2-102!
  • Includes a discreet toiletry bag to hold your sanitizer and toilet tissue if desired!
  • The female adapter comes with a pink plug to guard against spillage or odor escaping.
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