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Spa Baby USTUB European Style Tub Spa Baby - The European Style Baby Tub
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Spa Baby the European style baby tub is the tub babies love Discover for yourself what the Europeans have known for years They bathe their babies in tubs that let them sit in a natural upright position with warm water to their shoulders The tub calms the baby because they feel secure and warm in the bath It s no wonder babies relax completely and enjoy it so much It even calms colicky babies more ...
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Spa Baby USTUB European Style Tub
Spa Baby USTUB European Style Tub
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Spa Baby
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Spa Baby the European style baby tub is the tub babies love. Discover for yourself what the Europeans have known for years. They bathe their babies in tubs that let them sit in a natural upright position with warm water to their shoulders. The tub calms the baby because they feel secure and warm in the bath. It's no wonder babies relax completely and enjoy it so much! It even calms colicky babies. And best of all, it is easy to use for newborns until your baby can go into an adult tub, around 10 months of age. Spa Baby is beautifully designed for all hip mamas and spa babies in a translucent sea green that is durable and easy to care for. So relax during bath time, and treat your baby to a Spa Baby.

  • The most relaxing bath your baby will ever have
  • Lets your baby bathe in a natural upright position
  • Shoulder level water keeps your baby warm
  • Easy to use

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  1. Find a flat stable surface for your tub that is comfortable for you. Try out different locations such as the kitchen sink, table or bathroom countertop before using the tub, to find out what is best/most comfortable for you.
  2. Ensure all bathing items are at hand, including towels, baby wash, wash cloth and/or small cup.
  3. Water level - the goal is to have water up to chest level to keep your baby warm, especially with newborns who get cold easily. TIP for first time users ­ Since babies vary a lot in size and shape, you may need to adjust the amount of water in the tub. Start by filling to the top of the fill line on the side. Make sure you have additional warm water ready to add, until you learn the correct level for your baby.
  4. Use water that feels warm. Always test water temperature with the inside of your elbow or wrist.
  5. Place your baby into the tub and support under their chin. During bath it is best to support your baby at all times. Keep baby’s face above the water level at all times. NEVER leave your baby alone in the tub.
  6. To wash your baby's backside easily, scoop them out of the water a little, (like photo 1) with their belly on your forearm.
  7. After bath empty tub — never leave a full tub unattended.
  8. Never leave your baby alone in the tub.
    Always hold your baby until they can sit unassisted, and then keep within arm's reach.
    Competent adult supervision is required at all times.
    • Never leave your baby alone in the tub. If there are any interruptions to the bath, ignore the interruptions or take your baby with you.
    • Just so you know - Spa Baby is made from a safe and non-toxic plastic (polypropylene). No polycarbonate, no bisphenol-A, and has no paint.
    • Make sure you have found a position for the tub that is comfortable for you and you can reach inside to the bottom of the tub easily. We love the kitchen sink or kitchen table where you can stand and bathe your baby. Lots of parents like to use the tub on the floor in a spot where you will be comfortable too.
    • You can support your baby under their chin from their front or by reaching behind them. It should be a very gentle support you provide under their chin.
    • If you want to give your baby absolute contentment, let them suck on the end of your finger for the first minute while they are in the tub. Babies love the warm secure feeling of the tub and allowing them to suck in such a natural environment is without comparison for them. Baby bliss.
    • Wash your baby from the top down, with the face first, then hair and down from there. You can do the whole bath right in the tub. Use plain water for their face. It is recommended that you wipe their eyes first and use a clean part of the washcloth for each eye. Wipe gently with plain water from the inside to the outside of each eye, turning the cloth to a clean part for the second eye.
    • Our favourite baby wash is one with a pump top for easier dispensing and a small soft washcloth. Use a small cup or washcloth to rinse their hair.
    • Some parents have told us they prefer to just use a very small amount of a bathtime wash such as Johnson’s Bedtime Lavender Wash and put it directly into the tub. (less than half a capful) Then you don’t require any further baby wash and simply use the tub water for hair and body. (use plain water for the face).
    • For washing the groin area, scoop the baby and wash the groin area and then gently seat the baby back in the tub. When your baby is newborn, make sure their head is well supported on your forearm in the crook of your elbow.
    • As an alternative for the folds in the groin area, especially for those roly poly babies, you can give them a wipe with a damp soapy washcloth before placing them in the tub. Then after you have done their face and hair you can gently wipe the folds while in the tub to complete the bath.
    • This tub is great for getting those notoriously hard to wash folds around the neck. Gently tip your baby’s head back a bit and wash under chin.
    • Some babies love to stand in the tub with the additional buoyancy they feel, when you first place them in. As long as they are well supported by the parent, it is a great way to let them adjust to the tub in the first minute and really enjoy the bath. Make sure you have them well supported with both hands. They will be grinning from ear to ear. Then you can gently help them sit down in the tub for their bath.
    • If your baby, especially a small newborn, feels like they are hard to support in the water with just one hand under their chin, try a bit less water in the tub so they are sitting against the bottom and side of the tub. Make sure you still use enough water to keep them warm - up to their armpits should be sufficient.
    • Your baby doesn’t need a bath every day. A few times a week can be plenty. Baby wash or soap can be drying on infant skin so use it sparingly.
    • After using the tub, you can simply rinse it clean with water. If you’ve had “one of those baths” where you really need to clean the tub and start over, use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser and rinse the tub really well.

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Spa Baby USTUB European Style Tub

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