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Kiddopotamus 10160 Blue Microfleece SwaddleMe® Adjustable Infant Wrap 2 Pack Combo - Large Kiddopotamus Baby Products
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Wrap your baby in the comfort of the SwaddleMe and rest assured she will sleep safe sound and secure The renowned SwaddleMe soothes infants and reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the soothing snugness of the womb It also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex helping babies to sleep longer The award-winning SwaddleMe has revolutionized the way babies - and parents - sleep around the world and it has forged an international renaissance in swaddling more ...
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Kiddopotamus 10160 Blue Microfleece SwaddleMe® Adjustable Infant Wrap 2 Pack Combo - Large
Kiddopotamus 10160 Blue Microfleece SwaddleMe® Adjustable Infant Wrap 2 Pack Combo - Large

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The One. The Only. The SwaddleMe.
Wrap your baby in the comfort of the SwaddleMe® and rest assured she will sleep safe, sound and secure. The renowned SwaddleMe® soothes infants and reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the soothing snugness of the womb. It also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, helping babies to sleep longer. The award-winning SwaddleMe® has revolutionized the way babies - and parents - sleep around the world and it has forged an international renaissance in swaddling.

Swaddling Can Reduce the Risk of SIDS and help babies sleep through the night. New research shows that swaddling can help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep when infants are on their backs.

All versions of the SwaddleMe (with the exception of our Luxe velboa) include the harness access slit.

I've heard that swaddling may reduce the risk of SIDS. How does swaddling help?

New studies show that swaddling may reduce the risk of SIDS in several important ways:

  • Because swaddled babies sleep better, parents are more likely to place baby to sleep on their backs rather than in the unsafe tummy position. (Journal of Pediatrics Vol. 110 No. 6 December 2002)
  • New research shows that swaddled babies sleep better with fewer spontaneous awakenings and longer REM sleep, yet are more likely to experience cortical arousals from outside stimulation. (Journal of Pediatrics 2005; 115; 1307-1311)
  • Babies securely swaddled have reduced risk of loose blankets covering their face.
  • Swaddled babies are less likely to roll over in cribs.

Which SwaddleMe fabric choice is best for my baby?

  • The SwaddleMe is available in four fabrics: 100% Cotton Knit, 100% Cotton Flannel, Lightweight Microfleece and Luxe Velboa (the Luxe version is available exclusively at Babies R Us). Please note that not all sizes are available in all fabric options.
  • The room temperature where your baby sleeps should be the primary factor in selecting a fabric. The cotton knit is the best choice for warmer climates. The microfleece and luxe velboa may be used in cooler climates or rooms that are kept at a cooler temperature.
  • TOG is a measure of thermal resistance commonly used in the textile industry. It is used to measure warmth; the higher the TOG value, the greater the warmth. The TOG value ratings for the SwaddleMe fabrics are:
  • Cotton Knit


    Cotton Flannel




    Luxe Velboa


  • Other considerations for fabric selection are the amount of stretch in the fabric (the 100% Cotton Knit has the most stretch and the 100% Cotton Flannel has the least stretch). Many SwaddleMe aficionados prefer the cotton flannel version because it keeps the baby's arms very snug against their torso, creating a firm swaddle.
  • Be sure to follow the care instructions for your SwaddleMe fabric. The cotton knit should be washed in warm water and machine dried prior to first use so the fabric will shrink a bit to the appropriate size. Note that the flannel version should be washed on cold and line dried to avoid shrinkage.

How should I dress my baby under the SwaddleMe?

  • Be sure the room temperature is cool and only dress your baby in light clothing (or a diaper only) under a SwaddleMe to ensure that your baby does not get too warm.
  • If your baby is small and you are concerned that she may not be able to self regulate her temperature, discuss with your pediatrician how warmly your baby should dressed for sleep. Ask if your baby should use a warmer SwaddleMe fabric or an additional layer of clothing for sleep.

How warm should the nursery be?

Avoid overheating. According to AAP recommendations, an infant should be lightly clothed for sleep, and the bedroom temperature should be kept comfortable for a lightly clothed adult. Over bundling should be avoided, and the infant should not feel hot to the touch.

What size SwaddleMe will fit my baby best?

  • The SwaddleMe is made in three different sizes, Preemie, Small and Large.
  • Preemie

    3 to 7 pounds, 1.36kg to 3.17kg


    7 to 14 pounds, 3.17kg to 6.35kg


    15 to 22 pounds, 6.80kg to 9.98kg

  • Each SwaddleMe has self-fasteners that adjust for a custom fit as your baby grows within these size ranges.
  • Babies vary considerably in shape and length, so this size chart is only intended as a guideline. Do not use a SwaddleMe that does not fit securely around your baby.
  • If you would like a SwaddleMe that adjusts to a bit larger size, please try the cotton knit as this fabric stretches.
  • If you would like a SwaddleMe with a somewhat smaller fit, the flannel fabric may work best for your baby as this fabric does not stretch.

When should we stop using the SwaddleMe?

  • You should discuss with your pediatrician when your baby should no longer be swaddled to ensure appropriate motor development.
  • If you feel there is any risk your baby could possibly roll from the back to stomach position while swaddled (this is unlikely even for older babies because babies use their arms to roll over), discontinue swaddling.
  • You should no longer use any kind of swaddle if your baby is large enough or strong enough to break free of the blanket. Most babies should no longer need to be swaddled when they have outgrown the large size SwaddleMe.
  • Consider using our BeddieBye wearable blanket to keep larger babies safely covered while they sleep.

Common sense safety considerations:

  • Always place infants on their backs to sleep.
  • Use discretion when using any covering in warm rooms; overheating may be a factor in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Loose bedding that can cover the mouths and noses of infants may increase the risk of suffocation. The SwaddleMe is designed to reduce this risk with correct use.
  • Only use the SwaddleMe as directed, with the foot pocket secured in place and with the wings snug and securely fastened so the fabric cannot cover the baby's mouth or nose. Be sure the SwaddleMe wings are below chin level.
  • Do not use the SwaddleMe with an undersized infant around whom the wings cannot be snug.
  • Always ask your pediatrician if you have any questions about your baby's needs.

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