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KidzMed 5340 Whistle Watch Asthma Monitor KidzMed The Latest Innovations In Child Safety Products
New, unique children’s asthma monitor is designed for effective use anywhere – at school, at home, anywhare even over the phone more ...
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KidzMed 5340  Whistle Watch Asthma Monitor
KidzMed 5340 Whistle Watch Asthma Monitor
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Whistle Watch™ Features

New, unique children’s asthma monitor is designed for effective use anywhere – at school, at home……even over the phone

Asthma is a serious lung disease that can be disabling, and in severe cases, fatal. In children, asthma is the leading cause of school absenteeism, with over 14 million school days lost each year. The goal of parents and pediatricians is to prevent and manage attacks, lessening the amount of time your child is away from school or other activities, and to help decrease the instances where medication becomes necessary. More importantly, Whistle Watch™ can help prevent frightening and costly emergency room visits.

Why Whistle Watch™?
  • Whistle Watch™ acts as an early warning system helping to either prevent an attack and possible emergency room visit or indicate if medication isn’t working.
  • Whistle Watch™ is compact and totally portable, so it can go anywhere the child goes…school, playground, soccer game, camping. It comes with its own carrying case.
  • The unique, ergonomic design makes Whistle Watch™ easy to use and readily accepted by children…..making compliance easier!
  • Regular use results in better asthma management, fewer missed school days, reduced medication use and emergency room visits.
  • Whistle Watch™ is affordable and once set by a clinician, requires no special training to understand. If your child can make it blow, then they are “good to go”.
  • Whistle Watch™ is effective for asthma, allergies, or any respiratory problems in children.
  • Children are old enough to use Whistle Watch™ as soon as they can make it "whistle". It can measure a maximum peak efficiency flow rate of 427.
  • When purchased by doctor’s prescription, Whistle Watch™ is reimbursable as Reimbursement # A4614, as a hand held peak flow meter.
Whistle Watch™ FAQs Q: What is asthma?
A: Asthma is an inflammation of the airways resulting in the narrowing of the airways.

Q: How is asthma managed?
A: To enjoy a good qualify of life, the asthmatic needs:

  • Education on asthma and on what worsens symptoms
  • Treatment, depending on the severity of symptoms
  • Monitoring

  • Q: What is peak flow?
    A: Peak flow refers to the maximum rate at which you can force air out of your lungs, and it is this rate that is measured when you breathe into a peak flow meter. Once the peak flow drops it may be indicative of increased airway resistance, which may lead to an asthma attack.
    Each person has their own “best possible” peak flow measurement, which when achieved means that you should have no asthma symptoms. This is commonly known as PEFR, or Peak Efficiency Flow Rate.

    Q: Why is it important to measure peak flow?
    A: Just as diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar levels, asthmatics need to monitor their lung functions. Keeping a daily record of the peak flow measurements will help you to:
    • Achieve “best possible” control of your child’s asthma (e.g. No symptoms)
    • Monitor if his/her medicine is working
    • Monitor if your child’s asthma is improving or worsening
    By measuring your child’s peak flow, you become more actively involved in the management of your child’s asthma.

    Q: What is the “range” of the Whistle Watch?
    A: 130-340 liters/minute-absolute.

    Q: What is the accuracy of the Whistle Watch?
    A: ±10%

    Q: How does Whistle Watch work?
    A: The Whistle Watch is a peak flow meter that has been designed to enable asthmatic children to check their respiratory status. When set to 80% of the patients best PEFR (Peak efficiency Flow Rate) by a doctor or clinician, the whistle will be activated when the PEFR is reached.

    Q: How do I know what my PEF is?
    A: This is best determined by a doctor or healthcare provider using a lung function apparatus if available. If not, a table of guideline settings is available in the “instructions for use”.

    Q: How do I “read” the Whistle Watch?
    A: You do not take a reading when you use the Whistle Watch, and no special assessment or training is needed. Your childs’ ability to produce the whistle sound indicated that his/her asthma is under control.

    Q: How often should my child use the Whistle Watch?
    A: Use the monitor in the morning and evening. (Your doctor may also advise you to use the monitor at other times. (For example, after you have taken your medicine or before or after exercise).

    Q: What if my child can’t make Whistle Watch “whistle”?
    A: If your child cannot produce a whistle sound when he/she blows into the Whistle Watch, contact your doctor or healthcare worker. Your child’s asthma may be worsening or your child’s medicine may not be working properly.

    Q: How long does the Whistle Watch last?
    A: The Whistle Watch should be replaced at least every 6 months, as the child grows. The product is guaranteed for material and/or workmanship defects during this period.

    Q: Can the Whistle Watch be cleaned?
    A: Yes, you can wash it in soapy, lukewarm water. Do not take the monitor apart when you wash it. Make sure that it is completely dry before you use it again; if wet, it will not work properly.

    Q: Is Whistle Watch reimbursable by my insurance?
    A: When purchased by doctor’s prescription, this product is reimbursable as a hand-held peak flow meter (reimbursement code # A4614)

    Q: How old does my child need to be to use Whistle Watch?
    A: Generally, a child is old enough if they are able to make a whistle. Guidelines for PEFR settings go up to approximately 64” of height or a PEFR of 427; after that, an adult version of the device, called Respalert, is available.

    Weight: 2.00 lb
    KidzMed 5340  Whistle Watch Asthma Monitor

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