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BioTrainer Weight Loss System BioTrainer - Weight Loss System
The BioTrainer™ Weight Loss System is a revolutionary patented medical technology designed to measure your DAILY LIFESTYLE ACTIVITY. Never before have you been able to accurately know how active you are and how many calories you burn. more ...
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BioTrainer Weight Loss System
BioTrainer Weight Loss System

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The BioTrainer™ Weight Loss System is a revolutionary patented medical technology designed to measure your DAILY LIFESTYLE ACTIVITY. Never before have you been able to accurately know how active you are and how many calories you burn. The BioTrainer is not a gadget or pedometer, but a sophisticated technology that accurately measures physical activity. This sophisticated technology was developed through research supported by the National Institutes of Health.

The BioTrainer Online Monitoring Program is the only program in the world that can tell you if you’ve lost or gained weight…each day and EVERY day. The program also calculates both your physical activity and metabolic caloric burn. Its the most sophisticated, advanced and accurate method to keep track of your caloric intake and caloric burn, which has been clinically proven to motivate you to become more active, and to stay that way!

The important distinction between the BioTrainer™ personal exercise monitor and a simple pedometer is that the pedometer is expressly used to measure walking and simply counts the number of steps you take. On the other hand, the BioTrainer is a scientifically proven medical-quality monitor that accurately computes and stores both physical activity and calories burned during all types of DAILY LIFESTYLE ACTIVITY. In addition, all data stored can be tracked by using the online BioTrainer Subscription Program™ that gives a detailed ongoing analysis of your results.


More about the BioTrainer Weight Loss System

Unquestionably, the BioTrainer is the most unique and advanced exercise monitor available today. This compact and personal companion contains a powerful microcomputer chip and a super-accurate motion sensor. This is the same type of sensor that NASA uses to measure the body movements and physical activity of astronauts in space flight.

The important distinction between the BioTrainer personal exercise monitor and a simple pedometer is that the pedometer is expressly used to measure walking and simply counts the number of steps you take, while the BioTrainer is a scientifically proven medical-quality monitor that very accurately computes and stores both your physical activity and the calories you burned during all types of daily exercise routines.

Although pedometers are very cost effective, their main disadvantages are that they do not record the intensity or velocity of your body movements, nor do they have memory storage, which restricts their use to simply counting steps. Additionally, pedometers generally have lots of set-up buttons and rely on complicated programming operations that require you to enter your gender, height, weight, stride length, workout time and estimated distance. Some pedometers attempt to measure calories burned, but this is only an estimate, which most often gives inaccurate results.

Despite the appeal and popularity of pedometers, they also have serious mechanical and functional limitations. Most pedometers use a simple spring suspended lever arm (sensor) that moves up and down and makes contact as you walk. Some pedometers require the user to set the tension of the sensor arm for accurate step counting. Improper adjustment seriously affects the accuracy of the device producing significant over-counts or under-counts. In addition, pedometers generally underestimate the number of steps taken during higher intensity running and typically show consistently more errors during slow walking.

Since pedometers are designed to display steps taken over a period of time, they are not able to store or recall single-day values over a period of many days. Thus, daily written records must be kept and the pedometer must be reset manually. Pedometers are also not very accurate for people who do a fair amount of bending and/or who are overweight, as the pedometer tends to move away from the person’s body and the mechanical sensor will not accurately detect or properly score steps.

The main overwhelming problem with the pedometer, however, is that that these inexpensive units do not measure the intensity (how hard), duration (how long), or frequency (how often) physical activity occurs.

But for those who want an accurate account of all their DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, the BioTrainer is in a class by itself. This single-button “press-n-go” device uses a space age accelerometer sensor to accurately detect and measure whole body movements from the slightest motion to vigorous exercise. Plus, it samples these movements 40-times each second and very accurately computes your physical motion into activity counts; and, secondly, converts the energy you expend into calories burned. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, puttering around the house or exercising, each and every movement of your body is captured by the BioTrainers unique motion sensor. In contrast, the pedometer cannot measure physical activity or other forms of “Lifestyle Exercise” - it only counts steps you have taken.

The BioTrainer exercise monitor employs a patented and scientifically-proven measuring technology that has been supported by a Clinical Study, which was directed by the United States Department of Health, published in prestigious medical journals and has been shown to provide an extremely high level of accuracy for objectively assessing your daily physical activity.

The BioTrainer in Action:

The following will recount a recent comparison test between a pedometer and a BioTrainer user:

Two people were instructed to walk; one with a pedometer set to measure calories burned and the other wearing a BioTrainer. After comparing the results of a 1/2 hour walk, at a pace of about 4 mph, the walkers both had their respective monitors clipped to the same position at their waist.

At the end of the workout, the pedometer walker read that she had burned over 1,000 calories, but the BioTrainer walker reported 201 calories burned. As both walkers were about the same height and weight (150 lbs), published calorie burn charts indicate that for this walking speed and distance, the average calories burned should be in the range of 190 to 202. Obviously, while the BioTrainer was right on the money, the pedometer was not counting correctly or was incorrectly adjusted or programmed thus producing an 80% error.

This type of recording error highlights the advantages and precision of the BioTrainer monitor. It never needs programming or adjustments and each unit is built and tested to a factory standard.

Online Subscription Program

The BioTrainer Subscription Program™ is the only system of its kind, as it will tell you if you have gained or lost weight, each day, every day. It consists of two vital components that will enable you to monitor your weight loss activity and achieve your goals:

The BioTrainer Monitoring System™

gives you the tools to track your progress. By entering your weight and level of caloric need upon registration, you can see your fitness progress and assess your objectives and goals. Each day the caloric information is inputted and is then tracked by a graph, which details daily results and automatically calculates whether you’re gaining or losing weight. By monitoring your weight loss progress you’re able to focus on your objective and stay motivated!

The BioTrainer Nutritional Program™

works as your own personal nutritionist – helping you plan your meals based on your caloric goals. It is both a food diary and meal planner, enabling you to decide what foods are best to create a balanced and healthy diet. Research has shown that individuals that actively journal and plan their meals achieve better results than those who simply follow a published diet. The BioTrainer Nutritional Program, combined with the BioTrainer Subscription Program, gives you the opportunity to monitor your nutritional and fitness goals and see your results.

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