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BOB Strollers / Jogging Strollers BOB Strollers
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The BOB line of of high quality suspension sport utility strollers - Dad designed, and kid-tested for safety, quality, durability and a super-smooth ride!
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Revolution Pro Stroller

Price From: $485.00
Free Shipping
BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller, Black: Fully loaded for all of your outdoor adventures. The Revolution PRO, with its hand-activated rear drum brakes, is perfect for conquering any steep hill that stands in your way. Features a 9-position adjustable handlebar and is also available in a Duallie two-seat model.

BOB Stroller Accessories
Sun Protectors

Price From: $69.00
Free Shipping
This innovative product helps protect your child's delicate eyes and skin from the sun's heat, glare and UVA/UVB rays. Sun Protectors are available single and double strollers

BOB Handlebar Consoles
Handlebar Consoles

Price From: $26.99
Free Shipping
The BOB Handlebar Console provides the stroller user with two watterbottle or drink holders along with a zippered storage compartment for keys, cell phones or other small items. Made from a Rip-stop Polyester, and attaching with four velcro straps to any bob single or double strollers. This at your finger tips storage will make strolling and running with your BOB that much more enjoyable.
BOB ICSA Model More Info ICS Brand ICS Model
Snug Ride®
Snug Ride® 30
Snug Ride® 32
Snug Ride® 35
CS1002 - Single
CS1002 - Single
Peg Perego® Primo Viaggio® SIP 30/30
CS1003 - Single
CS1003 - Single
Chicco® Key Fit?
Key Fit? 30
CS1011 - Duallie
CS1011 - Duallie
Graco® Snug Ride®
Snug Ride® 30

BOB Revolution Cargo Carriers
Revolution Cargo Carriers

Price From: $359.00
Free Shipping
BOB Revolution Cargo Carrier comes installed as a carrier on the revolution stroller frame. It is made to carry all the essential gear for the beach, the park or the family party. Fits balls, coolers and gears of all kind.This ultimate cargo carrier is ideal for packing your gear to the beach, park, or ball game.
Stroller Travel Bag

Price From: $109.00
Free Shipping
Now you can easily and safely take your BOB stroller on any plane, train, or automobile trip. The Stroller Travel Bag packs all BOB single strollers securely for easy traveling. Just fold the stroller, remove the wheels, and pack it into the bag; it all fits comfortably inside this 19" x 10" x 35" soft case. Wheels, a handle, and a shoulder strap ensure that this package will be a breeze to travel with. Whether you are headed to the Islands, or to the In-laws the BOB Stroller Travel Bag ensures that at least one member of the family will be traveling in style. Fits all BOB single strollers.
Warm Fuzzy

Price From: $49.00
Free Shipping
The Bob Warm Fuzzy seat insert uses a thick polypropylene fleece panel combined with padded quilting. This offers the ultimate in plushness, it will give you and your child a warm fuzzy. Works with both single and double strollers.
Motion Jogging Stroller
Ideal for your familys daily activities, the Motion is the perfect complement to your BOB jogging stroller. Four pneumatic tires mounted on high impact polymer composite wheels with tubes provide a smooth, comfortable ride

BOB Stroller history

Who is BOB anyway?
In 1991, in San Luis Obispo, California, Roger Malinowski, a bicycle industry maven, met Philip Novotny, an airline mechanic, who had turned a decrepit beach cruiser bike into a versatile, lightweight, single-track bike trailer, called the YAK, and was rolling them out of his machine shop on a small scale. Roger knew a great idea when he saw it, and together they took Philip's invention and turned it into a revolution.

Funny and easier to spell
Originally, the name of the company was Beast of Burden, which many thought was a burden unto itself. However, in typical California fashion, that mouthful was soon shortened to its acronym BOB. "BOB was easier to spell, funny, and simple," Roger explains. A lot like us and the stuff we produce.
Part of the BOB trailer's genius was how it attached to the bike: the patented BOB QR attachment system, a revolutionary mechanism that even to this day takes advantage of one simple fact: all bikes have a rear axle. What better place to attach a bike trailer? It provides optimal towing performance, excellent aerodynamics, the lowest possible center of gravity, compatibility with virtually every bike on the road, and excellent handling characteristics. The YAK trailer literally revolutionized the way bikes transport gear. As a result, it has become the world standard for cycle tourists.

Running with baby
Soon, Roger and Philip were introducing something else to the world: children. This inspired them to design and build the best looking, best performing, highest quality jogging stroller in the world. A few more hours in the machine shop produced the BOB Sport Utility Stroller, complete with state-of-the-art suspension system, tough polymer wheels; folding frame; reclining, padded seat; and several other features no one had ever put on a jogging stroller before. We wanted the best of a bunch of worlds, says Roger. A lightweight, high-quality stroller that you could still take running, hiking, or off road and would still fold up easily and compactly. The fact we could put all of these elements in one stroller is what really attracted people to it.
Of course, no successful product can be introduced without going through rigorous laboratory testing. Says Roger, We used our kids. Out on the driveway. They squeaked, burped, cried, hurled, scratched, ripped, kicked, tripped, clawed, and jumped on the prototypes we gave them. It was great. Those kids helped us raise the performance levels and quality of the stroller farther and faster than we may have been able to otherwise.
It wasn't long before they had a successful product and the resources they needed to expand their features and product line. Soon after the Sport Utility Stroller hit the streets, customers started asking for a two-seater stroller, which led to the introduction of the Duallie in 2001. Two years later, the Ironman people were looking for a steely stroller worthy of being associated with their world-famous endurance race. Not surprisingly they turned to BOB. The Ironman, with its light weight, high-pressure tires, stiff shock absorbers, and close association with the grueling, high-profile event, raised the company's visibility and awareness among serious athlete/parents.

Turning on a dime
The next revolutionary BOB innovation - the swiveling front wheel - was introduced in 2005 and became the trademark feature of the new Revolution stroller. No longer would mothers have to tip their strollers backwards to make a sharp turn - or a turn of any kind, for that matter. The Revolution's rotating front wheel allowed them to maneuver their stroller around tight corners, crowded sidewalks, and narrow aisles with ease. With the wheel locked in place, it could also be used for off-road runs or walks.

In 2006, attracted by a favorable business climate and a lifestyle conducive to its philosophy, BOB moved its corporate offices to Boise, Idaho. As in California, most of the employees ride their bikes to work, sometimes taking new stroller or trailer ideas home for a little product testing.

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