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Omron Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Omron Blood Pressure Monitors, Body Fat Monitors,Nebulizers
Omron blood pressure monitors use IntelliSense technology
IntelliSense is an exclusive technology developed by Omron Healthcare that enables Omron blood pressure monitors to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for each individual user.  Omron's IntelliSense monitors offer an accurate and comfortable way to monitor blood pressure:
Compare the Models of Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Comfortable, fast blood pressure measurement
  • Personalized inflation every single time, regardless of arm size, blood pressure or time of day
  • Accurate blood pressure measurements with the simple push of a button - no adjustments necessary.
Omron BP710 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron BP710 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron BP710 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: $39.95

Large Adult Cuff, $35

Shipping Wt: 2 lbs

The Omron BP 710 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is the answer for those who have been looking for a simple, affordable home blood-pressure monitor they can trust.

  • Features IntelliSense® Technology
  • Simple, silent, one-touch operation
  • Stores 14 readings in memory
  • Durable, contoured arm cuff fits standard arms 9-13" in circumference
  • Compatible with large adult cuff (H-003D)
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • Hypertension warning indicator
  • 2-year limited warranty
Model HEM-432 Manual Inflation Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron HEM-432 manual inflation blood pressure monitor
HEM-432 Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: $38.95

Large Adult Cuff, $35

Shipping Wt: 3 lbs

Taking your blood pressure is easy with this lightweight and convenient monitor. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and squeeze the bulb to begin inflation. In seconds, your blood pressure and pulse readings are displayed on the large digital panel.

Lightweight and portable monitor displays blood pressure and pulse rate on large, easy to read digital display. Easy squeeze inflation bulb quickly fills cuff with air, and automatic deflation. D-ring cuff is easy to wear and according to experts from the American Society of Hypertension are the easiest to use.

  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Easy to squeeze bulb
  • Adult cuff included fits arms 9" to 13" in circumference
  • Large cuff available separately fits arms 13" to 17" in circumference
  • 1 year warranty
  • Includes: Blood pressure monitor HEM-432, Contoured D-Ring arm cuff (fits arms 9" to 13" in circumference), Inflation Bulb, and Illustrated Instruction Manual in English/Spanish


 Model HEM-705CP Measurement Print-Out Blood Pressure Monitor
Model HEM-705CP Measurement Print-Out Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron HEM-705CP Blood Pressure Monitor

Price: $94.95

Large Fuzzy Cuff (13-17"), $38

Small Cuff (7-9"), $38

AC Adapter, $33

Replacement Paper, $12.95

Shipping Wt: 3 lbs

Omron blood pressure monitors with IntelliSenseKeep accurate records of your blood pressure readings with the Blood Pressure Monitor and Print Out. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and press START. In seconds, your blood pressure and pulse are displayed on the large digital panel. You can then print your readings in either numerical or bar graph form for easy record keeping.

Although your blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, no self-adjustment is necessary as the monitor intelligently adjusts to your changing conditions. The IntelliSense monitor uses fuzzy logic intelligence to sense both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure values, and the result is personalized inflation with every reading. Arm discomfort and misreading due to improper cuff inflation are virtually eliminated.

The Omron HEM-705 blood pressure monitor will operate with an AC Power Adaptor which minimizes the battery usage and allows for an optional method of operation. It also operates on 4 “AA” batteries (not included). Battery life is approximate 300 uses when used once a day for 2 minutes.

The HEM-705 printing unit may be disconnected for storage or travel purposes.

  • IntelliSense™ automatic inflation and deflation technology
  • Includes detachable printer
  • Clinically proven accurate*
  • Detachable printer unit prints out systolic, diastolic and pulse measurements with date and time
  • Quiet Operation
  • Maximum comfort and accuracy
  • 28 memory storage for easy recording and recall
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes: Blood Presure HEM-705 unit, 1 contoured arm cuff (9-13"), 1 Printer Unit, 2 Rolls of Paper and Ilustrated Manual


Model HEM-907XL Professional Blood Pressure Monitor
Model HEM-907XL Professional Blood Pressure Monitor
Omron HEM-907XL with a Stand Omron HEM-907XL with a Stand


HEM-907XL Omron Blood Pressure Monitor


Pole Mount Kit with Basket, $89.95

Rechargeable Battery Pack, $39.95

Wall Mounting Kit with Basket, $89.95

Stand, $99.95

Shipping Wt: 10 lbs

Omron blood pressure monitors with IntelliSenseNow with 4 different cuff sizes!

Clinically validated for accuracy, the Omron IntelliSense® Professional Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for clinical use in a professional setting including a physician's office, hospital, or other point of care environment.

The Omron blood pressure monitor HEM-907XL is easy to use. Simply wrap the cuff and push the start button. Blood pressure and pulse rate are automatically measured by the oscillometric method.

When the P-Set (Pressure Setting) knob is set to “Auto” the unit will automatically inflate the cuff to the optimal pressure according to each patient's blood pressure. Pre-setting inflation level is not necessary.

You can measure auscultatory blood pressure by using a stethoscope, with automatic cuff inflation and deflation by this unit. Because the cuff pressures during the deflation are displayed digitally and synchronized with the heartbeat, they can be read with accuracy.

  • Automatic cuff inflation and deflation eliminates the need to predetermine inflation level setting.
  • Average mode measures up to three readings and averages the total, for a more accurate measurement.
  • Greater choice of arm cuff circumferences with four cuff sizes included -- small, medium, large and extra-large.
  • Reliable power supply through included AC adapter or rechargeable battery pack.
  • Five-Year warranty.

The HEM-907XL includes:

  • Extra Large Cuff/Bladder Set ( 42-50 cm)
  • Large Cuff/Bladder Set (32-42 cm)
  • Medium Cuff/Bladder Set (22-32 cm)
  • Small Cuff/Bladder Set (17-22)
  • Air Tube (1.0 m WL)
  • AC Adapter (HEM-AC-J).
  • There is also an optional rechargeable battery pack for true portability.
  • Also Available (see below): Stand Mounting, Wall Mounting and Pole Mounting Kits.  


  • One button operation
  • IntelliSense technology offers automated cuff inflation level settings and electronic deflation control. (Eliminates any need to preset inflation levels)
  • AVERAGE Mode measures up to three readings and averages the total for a more accurate diagnosis
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Auto cuff pressure control for manual (auscultatory) measurement
  • 5 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Includes: Blood Pressure Unit HEM-907XL, 4 Arm cuff in different sizes, Air Tube (1.0 m WL), AC Adapter (HEM-AC-J). There is also an optional rechargeable battery pack for true portability

Click here to find out the correct way to take your blood pressure at home.

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