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Physician Scales - Digital - Medical Scales
Adam Equipment
Health O Meter
Rice Lake
Salter Brecknell
Adam Equipment  (All)
Adam Equipment MDW-250L Physician Scale, 550 lb x 0.2 lb
MDW range of scales are suitable for many medical and sports applications like gyms, doctors offices and hospitals. They feature a sturdy design and construction with a metal base and non slip weighing platform. The MDW 250L is a digital scale with built in battery and color coded keypad that is simple to use. The MDW 160M is a mechanical scale that features wheels for easy mobility and a notched counter weight that shows the weight clearly.> more ...
Adam Equipment MUW-300L Health and Fitness Scale with Digital Height Rod 600 x 0.1 lb
Adam MUW offers quick weight and height measurement without the need for a tape measure, the ultra sonic sensor measures height up to 82 inch and automatically calculates BMI.> more ...
Detecto  (All)
Detecto PD Series Physician Scales
From: $418.18
DETECTO’s new solo® eye-level clinical scale is the most economical, high-quality digital physician scale with height rod available. The solo® scale features 550 lb x 0.2 lb / 250 kg x 0.1 kg capacity, 14 in W x 15 in D x 2.4 in H low-profile platform, inline mechanical height rod, eye-level weight display and column, one-inch-high LCD readouts, Body Mass Index calculation, integral wheels for mobility, one RS232 serial port, and convenient audible beep confirmation. more ...
Detecto ICON Physician Scales With Sonar Height Rod 1000 x 0.5 lb
From: $1,485.49
Every so often in history, the evolution of a product takes a monumental step forward. DETECTO’s USA-made icon® represents the next generation of digital clinical measurement. There is nothing equivalent to the Icon® on the market! more ...
Detecto Digital Eye-Level Physician Scales
From: $797.15
The heavy-duty understructure of this digital eye-level scale incorporates a fabricated lever system that is enhanced by precision-ground, pressed-in knife edges which eliminate friction. This scale also features "at-a-glance" convenience of the battery-powered LCD display. The height rod is black with white numerals and are graduated in both inches and centimeters. more ...
Detecto APEX Physician Scales With Sonar Height Rod
From: $1,251.90
DETECTO new apex eye-level digital scale with a Touchless sonar height rod !!, made in the USA great for medcal office, high-quality digital physician scale with height rod . The apex® scale features 600 lb x 0.2 lb / 300 kg x 0.1 kg capacity, 17 in W x 17 in D x 2.75 in H / 43.2 cm W x 43.2 cm D x 7 cm H platform, inline Touchless sonar height rod, more ...
Detecto APEX Physician Scales
From: $687.19
DETECTO new apex eye-level digital scale with a mechanica or didital hightrod is made in the USA great for medcal office, high-quality digital physician scale with height rod available. The apex® scale features 600 lb x 0.2 lb / 300 kg x 0.1 kg capacity more ...
Detecto 8437S Stainless Steel Mechanical Medical Scale, 500 x 0.2 lb
Stands up to water damage from mopping around the base and high-humidity areas such as locker rooms. 500 lb capacity and 0.2 lb readability -- also weighs in kilograms/grams and calculates BMI (body mass index)> more ...
Doran  (All)
Doran DS5100 Physician Scale with Height Rod 500 x 0.1 lb
oday’s busy physician’s office needs Doran’s DS5100 Digital Physician’s Scale that provides a faster and easier way to weigh and measure patients accurately.> more ...
Health O Meter  (All)
Health O Meter Digital Physician Scales (eye-level)
FREE Ground Shipping *
From: $387.00
The HealthOMeter 500KL is the ideal digital medical scale to replace your old-fashioned balance beam doctor scales. It offers many great new features that are terrific in any medical or home setting: a large base, large 500 pound capacity more ...
Health O Meter Digital Physician Scale (waist Level)
FREE Ground Shipping *
From: $419.00
HealthOMeter ® 499KL Waist-High Digital Scale w/ BMI Designs for affordability during rough economical times, the 499KL still offers quality you expect from Health-O-Meter Professional with accurate, reliable and repeatable features that make the weighing process simple, fast and convenient. more ...
Rice Lake  (All)
Rice Lake Physician Scales
From: $497.70
The Rice Lake 150-10 digital physician scale series is designed for both modern appearance and contemporary function, with fresh, clean lines and forward-thinking features for the medical and fitness environments of today and tomorrow. more ...
Salter Brecknell  (All)
Brecknell HS-300 Physician Scale 660 lb x 0.2 lb
The HS-300 is used where either weight or height measurements are necessary. The scale provides accurate weight or height measurements on easy to read LCD back light display. It has a large weighing range and can measure height from 60cm to 210cm x 0.1cm (2' to 7' x 0.125")> more ...
Seca  (All)
Seca 769 Electronic Column Scales
From: $329.00
With its transport castors, the column scale is also easy to move around. The seca 769 is equipped with several intelligent functions. For example, the BMI function permits a reliable evaluation of the nutritional condition of the patient more ...
Seca 703 Wireless 360 High Capacity Digital Medical Scales
From: $549.00
The Seca 703 digital medical scale has a huge 550 pound capacity, 0.2 lb readability, With BMI feature and tare. Weighs in both pounds and kilograms. Heavy duty cast iron construction. more ...
Seca 777 Digital column scale with eye-level display 550 x 0.2 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The seca 777 digital column scale with eye-level display is the medical-grade solution for measuring and weighing. It features a tilt-proof full metal platform and robust single piece column, that won’t give way when pushing the keypad. All patients (especially ones affected by obesity) will feel secure on the platform even when stepping on the edge of the base. The scale is easy to move by staff due to the large rubber coated castors and a wide wheelbase.> more ...
Seca 787 EMR validated column Medical Scale with eye-level display 550 x 0.2 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The seca 787 is the ideal solution for networked weighing and measuring. It features an especially sturdy design with a tilt-proof full metal platform and a robust single piece column. All patients (especially those affected by obesity) will feel secure on the platform even when stepping on the edge of the base.> more ...
Seca 797 Column Medical Scale with eye-level display and Wi-Fi function 550 x 0.2 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
With its Wi-Fi interface the seca 797 can be integrated directly into your EMR system. Measure weight with the tilt-proof full metal platform and determine height with the convenient digital measuring rod, identify patients with your connected USB scanner and send the measurements into the correctly assigned medical record. This workflow prevents transcription errors, ensures availability of all data and maximizes staff efficiency.> more ...
Seca 284 EMR-validated Measuring Station for Height and Weight - 660 lb x 0.1 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
Weigh, measure, calculate the BMI and transfer the parameters to the digital patient file (EMR). With the seca 284 measuring station, this can be done in a single work step, with high precision and a large weighing and measuring range. With the high-quality headpiece and the fine graduation of the scale, the measuring stations always deliver absolutely precise results. The additional display in the headpiece offers extra reading comfort.> more ...
Seca 650 EMR-Validated Flat Scale with ID-Display and Stable Glass Platform - 800 lbs x 0.1 lbs
FREE Ground Shipping *
The seca Scale-up Line has introduced the first flat scales specially developed for connecting to the digital patient record (EMR). The ID-Display enables you to identify your patients during the weighing process and prevents any risk of mix-up. The large, non-slip, and particularly hygienic glass platform made of specially developed and completely break-resistant seca Bearclaw Glass® provides additional safety.> more ...
Seca 286 DP Wireless Ultrasonic Measuring Station for Height and Weight - 660 lb x 0.1 lb
FREE Ground Shipping *
The ultrasonic measuring station seca 286 dp transmits fully automated height and weight measurements to your existing printer. Thanks to the advanced 360° wireless technology and software module seca directprint, your patient receives a personalized printout outlining their nutritional condition based on their BMI.> more ...
Seca ONSMMIUTNN 654 EMR-Validated Digtital Scale with ID-Display and Ultrasonic Height Measurement - 800 lbs x 0.1 lbs
The seca Scale-up Line is probably the most modern and future-oriented way to determine height and weight. Firstly, because of the contactless, fast and highly precise ultrasound measurement.> more ...
Tanita  (All)
Tanita WB-800S plus Digital Medical Scales
FREE Ground Shipping *
From: $739.00
The WB-800P plus scale is perfect for those instances where absolute measurement of weight gain or loss is a necessity. This incredibly durable, yet portable, professional grade scale is perfect for any busy practice, gym or clinic. The scale features an extended capacity of 660lb (300kg) along with an oversized low-profile platform, with instant-on activation of digital weight and BMI to accommodate a wide range of clients and patients. more ...
Tanita WB-3000 Digital Health Care ,440 lb (200kg) x 0.2 lb (100 g)
FREE Ground Shipping *
For over 60 years, Tanita has been the world leader in precision scales. Tanita's performance, innovation and durability are trusted worldwide. Introducing the next generation in digital beam scales. The WB-3000 features an automatic BMI calculation and RS-232 and USB outputs to capture patient data.> more ...
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