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Simply hold the InstaPulse heart rate monitor in your hands to instantly calculate exercise heart rate. Hand-held model. Perfect for fitness centers and gyms
  • Features

Insta-Pulse®, is a hand-held baton which can measure your pulse simply, instantly and accurately during aerobics, or while jogging or walking, without requiring a cumbersome chest belt or ear lobe attachments.

Simply grasp the Insta-Pulse® with both hands and it will automatically turn on and continuously update your heart rate, measuring the effectiveness of your workout. The Insta-Pulse® turns on and off automatically and is water resistant and shock-proof.

The Insta-Pulse® is ideal for personal fitness. You can share it on a jogging path with your family and friends or use it anywhere, any time, before, during and after your exercise routine. Its the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast that will last for many years.

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