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SKU: UA-100

This aneroid blood pressure kit features a nylon cuff for durability, latex bulb with standard air release valve, and comes with an attached stethoscope and D-ring cuff. 2 year warranty.
  • Features
  • Nylon cuff for superior durability and appearance
  • Professional accuracy
  • Latex bulb with standard air release valve
  • Two year limited warranty for manometer accuracy
  • No-pin-stop manometer with easy to calibrate feature
  • Comes with attached stethoscope and D-ring cuff
  • Equipped with adult sized cuff
  • Arrow indicator on cuff ensures proper cuff placement
  • Latex 2-tube bladder
  • Includes trilingual instruction manual
  • Zippered nylon storage case and calibration screwdriver included

The LifeSource UA-100 Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit provides customers and professionals with a quality health monitoring product that you can expect from AND Medical. This aneroid blood pressure kit can assist in the management of hypertension, improve patient compliance to treatment of high blood pressure, and be used as a tool in a preventative health management program.

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