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Knowing your numbers has never been easier!

Youre only one click away from being able to consistently and accurately monitor your cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides and more!

Easy to Use ... Accurate 4 easy steps:

  1. Insert MEMo Chip and turn on the instrument
  2. Insert test strip into instrument
  3. Apply blood sample using capillary blood collector
  4. Read Results

With the CardioChek instrument and the PTS PANELS Test Strips, you now have an entire health management system in the palm of your hand. The CardioChek is a hand-held medical diagnostics system that monitors key health indicators, including total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, plus blood glucose and ketones - all in the comfort of your own home. The CardioChek blood testing device provides the tools for meeting cholesterol screening and diabetes management guidelines. Only PTS can provide this wide of a range of whole blood testing on a portable, easy to use system, with clinically accurate results.

The system includes a meter instrument as well as test strip. This easy-to-use blood test system displays the results of your blood test in about one minute, with accurate results every time. The CardioChek blood testing device features internal result storage for quick easy review. Unlike other systems that only test ONE specific health indicator - such as cholesterol or blood glucose, the CardioChek meter allows you to test a range of key health indicators. And, because of CardioCheks modular PTS PANELS technology, the device can never become obsolete; it is designed to run new tests as they are developed.

This special blood testing kit comes with a CardioChek blood analyzer, 6 HDL strips, 6 Total Cholesterol strips, 6 Triglyceride strips, 3 MEMo Chips, 20 lancets and 25 blood collectors.

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