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Simply hold the InstaPulse heart rate monitor in your hands to instantly calculate exercise heart rate. Floor mount model. Perfect for fitness centers and gyms
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The Insta-Pulse® Heart Rate Monitor was invented by Gregory Lekhtman and was the first heart rate monitor developed for a general consumer fitness application. Insta-Pulse® Heart Rate Monitors have won world wide recognition and numerous international awards.

Modern Insta-Pulse® Heart Rate Monitors uses state-of-the-art electronics through its custom designed and manufactured electronic components.

Today the patented principles of Insta-Pulse® OEM Heart Rate Monitors are used by prestigious fitness equipment and fitness computer manufacturers.

Insta-Pulse® Heart Rate Monitors is ideal for personal fitness. You can share it on a jogging path with your family and friends or use it anywhere, any time, before, during and after your exercise routine. Its the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast that will last for many years. Many of our customers have written to us years after having purchased it to thank us for Insta-Pulse® maintenance-free performance.

Model 105 represents InstaPulses best known model and is the most versatile, reliable and durable fitness monitor on the market.

The patented technology of Insta-Pulse® Heart Rate Monitors dont require any cumbersome attachments. It allows you to monitor your heart rate by simply holding it in your hands during jogging or when using fitness machines.

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