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SKU: SM-1000A

The Skyndex skinfold caliper has an easy-to-read digital readout and a "hold" feature. When the user is satisfied with the reading, the hold button can be pushed and this will lock the reading on the digital display. Available with or without an internal
  • Features

The Skyndex is a unique caliper with a built in computer that calculates and displays percentage bodyfat directly on its digital readout, eliminating the necessity to add the readings and compute the percentage bodyfat from formulas or tables. Ideal for those who need to measure a lot of people quickly or want to reduce the chance of errors.

Available with Durnin, Jackson-Pollock and Slaughter-Lohman formulas. (Only one program is in each caliper and the desired formula needs to be specified when ordering). Includes case, instructions & AC adapter.

  • SM-1000A with built in Durnin formula: biceps, triceps, subscapula, and supra-iliac.
    Recommended for the general adult population.
  • SM-1000B with built in Jackson/Pollack formula:
    (Men)-thigh, abdomen and pectoral.
    (Women)-thigh, supra-iliac, and triceps.
    Recommended for young, lean, athletic adults.
  • SM-1000E with built in Slaughter/Lohman formula: triceps and calf.
    Recommended for children ages 8-18.

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