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SKU: QR9600

Available in three different lengths the BOB Quick Release QR skewer lets you attach your trailer to almost any bike including tandems with wider hubs
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Available in three different lengths, the BOB Quick Release (QR) skewer lets you attach your trailer to almost any bike, including tandems with wider hubs.


  • Standard, (1) Included with every BOB trailer
  • Available in three lengths to ensure compatibility with any quick-release hub
  • Made of high-quality chromoly steel to ensure strength and durability
  • Adjustable to fit any bike
  • BOB QR may require length adjustment prior to installation. These steps are explained in the trailer and Quick Release manuals.

  • What spacing does your frame have? Remove the rear wheel and measure the distance between the inner faces of the dropouts. Use the chart below to determine which QR attachment you need.

    Model Dropout Spacing A-Rod Length B- Threaded Length
    BOB QR 126.5 - 140(mm) 163(mm) 35(mm)
    BOB 145 QR 145(mm) 171(mm) 35(mm)
    BOB Santana QR 160(mm) 190(mm) 30(mm)

  • The standard BOB QR which fits bicycles with 126.5(mm) to 140(mm) rear dropout spacing. This models fits most bicycles produced in the past 15 years. (BOB part# QR9600)
  • In 1997, Shimano introduced hubs for tandems with 145(mm) spacing. The BOB 145mm QR is designed to work with these hubs. (BOB part# QR9700)
  • The BOB Santana QR was developed for Santana Tandems or other tandems with 160(mm) dropout spacing.(BOB part# QR9610)
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