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SKU: SCR-RBW-916202

Kiddimoto is the perfect early introduction to two wheels Kiddimoto bikes do not have pedals or training wheels therefore children learn to balance and steer very quickly The best way to teach a child to cycle is not to use training wheels which simply prevent them from developing a proper sense of balance Get them onto a Kiddimoto as early as possible
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Multi-award winning Kiddimoto balance bikes do not have pedals or training wheels, so children use their feet to propel themselves along. Once they gain confidence and a little momentum, they can lift their feet off the ground and start cruising. Kiddimotos have the unique look of real motorcycles and are crafted of 100% renewable birch plywood. Recommended for children ages 2 - 6, Kiddimoto bikes help children to learn balance very quickly, improving motor skills, increasing strength and developing confidence on two wheels earlier than they have been able to ever before. The fun and sporty Superbike model is sure to bring your child years of educational fun.

  • Age Range: 2-6 year olds
  • Constructed from renewable birch plywood
  • No pedals, chains or gears to get hurt on
  • Ideal platform for children to learn balance and steering
  • Helps to improve motor skills
  • Exceeds all safety regulations
  • Winner of numerous awards
  • British designed
  • 23” long x 18” tall
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