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The Premium Sport's programs, enhance Maximum Strength, Explosive Strength, Resistance and Reactivity of high-level athletes. By stimulating the specific muscles needed for different sports, the electro-stimulator can supplement the training of every athlete. New Sport Plus allows both Ultra Endurance and Stretch Relax programs.
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Strength, Power, Speed, Resistance Training
The Premium Sport's programs, enhance Maximum Strength, Explosive Strength, Resistance and Reactivity of high-level athletes. By stimulating the specific muscles needed for different sports, the electro-stimulator can supplement the training of every athlete. New Sport Plus allows both Ultra Endurance and Stretch Relax programs.

Ten Sport-Specific Programs
The Premium Sport has ten distinct libraries specifically conceived for the following: Football, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Running, tennis, Cycling, Golf, Sprinting, Cross-Country skiing and Downhill skiing. The training libraries include Conditioning and Maintenance programs. Conditioning helps athletes reach peak condition; during competition periods athletes will then switch to Maintenance programs to maintain the peak condition.

Multiple Treatments 2+2
The strong point of the Four-Channel Globus stimulators is the capability to train at the same time different muscle groups with different training needs.

Globus Italia Research Center
All Globus Premium Sport programs have been conceived by Globus's own research center, which includes Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Trainers and Sport-Medicine physicians around the world. The Globus electro-stimulators have been created by an Olympic champion, and are widely used by professional athletes for their characteristics of power, reliability and effectiveness which set them apart.

This product contrary to most less expensive competing devices has been approved by the FDA for consumer use without medical prescription and without supervision from a licensed practitioner.

Advanced Features:
  • Stimulations (2+2): carry out simultaneously 2 different programs on different body parts.
  • Syncro-Stim: adjust simultaneously the intensity on all 4 channels.
  • Auto Recall: use a training program without any adjustment of the current intensity.
  • Last Session: automatically stored and recall at the push of a button the last 10 Training Sessions.
  • Multi-User: share the electrostimulator with other users, while keeping each user's setting and preferences unchanged.
  • Personal Trainer: built-in menus guide you to choose the appropriate training session to achieve your own objectives.
  • Runtime parameters adjustment: During a training session, the (fn) button displays and allows adjustment of training parameters to individual needs.
  • It displays a screen showing:
    • Duration (in minutes)
    • stimulation frequency (in Hz)
    • phase-width duration (in µs, i.e.microseconds) or chronaxie being used.
Technical Characteristics
  • 4 Independent Channels (8 electrodes)
  • Frequency: 1-120 Hz, adjustable
  • Maximum Current: 120 mA on each channel
  • Pulse Width: 200-400 microseconds
  • Waveform: rectangular, compensated, biphasic, symmetrical.
  • Certifications: CE MDD Medical.
Physical Characteristics:
  • Weight: 15.5 oz (444g)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 6.5" x 3.8" x 1.4"
  • Housing material and construction: Plastic, ABS
  • Number of Output Channels: 4
  • Backlight Display
Training Objectives:
  • Demo
  • Warm up
  • Massage
  • Maximum strength/force
  • Resistance strength/force
  • Explosive Strength/force
  • Aerobic Resistance (Endurance)
  • Active Recovery
  • Preparation
  • Jogging
  • Fitness (Basic Training)
  • Ultra Endurance
  • Stretch Relax
Sports Trainer:
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Football
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) works by sending stimulating pulses through the skin and along the nerve strands that fire or activate the muscles. It does not directly activate the muscles, but activates them through neuro-musucular connections just as the brain would.

Electric Stimulation units are about the size of a hand-held Game Boy and has four leads, each split into positive (+) and negative (-) connectors. Reusable adhesive pads are placed at strategic points on the muscles you want to engage in a particular workout. Connect the leads to the wire coming from the pad and you are ready for your EMS work out.

Electrostimulation uses electrical impulses acting on motoneurons and nerve terminals to promote muscle contraction in a manner similar to voluntary contraction. Electrostimulation can be used in two different ways: Muscular stimulation (for the development of force),and Nerve terminal stimulation (for treatments to alleviate pain).

Types of muscle
There are three types of muscle: striated (or voluntary) muscles, cardiac muscle, and smooth (or involuntary) muscle. Voluntary muscles include skeletal muscles, which allow the skeleton to move, and cutaneous muscles, which generate facial expressions for example. Cardiac muscle and smooth muscle are not voluntarily controlled.

The majority of human muscle is striated, or voluntary. There are approximately 200 different muscles on each side of the body (for a total of 400). Skeletal muscles are the target of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

Mechanism of muscular contraction
Skeletal muscles function through the mechanism of contraction. Muscular contractions cause the relative movement of bones around joints, and thus result in movements of the skeleton.

Muscles contract in the following way: when a person decides to make a movement, there is a change of the electric potential in the motor center of the brain and an electric impulse is transmitted to the muscle that has to move. The electrical signal is transmitted as a change of potential (voltage), an electrical impulse that travels through the motor nerve to the muscle to be stimulated. After receiving the impulse, calcium ions are freed from neural stores, which in turn causes two components of muscular fibers, actin and myosin, to approach each other. This results in a shortening of certain areas of the fiber, the so-called Z bands, leading to muscular contraction.

The energy needed for contraction is supplied by sugars and fats stored in the body. In other words, electrical stimulation is not a direct energy resource but it works as a trigger of this energy, which results in a muscular contraction. The same type of mechanism is activated when muscular contraction is produced by an electro-muscular stimulator (EMS). EMS assumes the same role as a natural impulse transmitted by the nervous system. At the end of contraction muscles relax and return to their original state.

How Conductivity Gel Works
Conductivity gel works by filling in pores with a conductive emulsion that has the same pH as the skin. This re-establishes conductivity for pads that have lost their original conductive, adhesive-gel layer, and enhances the contact area for the pads to transmit the electrical signal through the skin to the muscles below. It also protects pads so that the adhesive is not affected as much by oils and dirt on the skin. Use conductivity gel for each EMS session. Put 1/4 tsp blobs on each small pad, and two tsp blobs on each large pad. Spread with your fingertips. If doing two muscle groups (i.e. hams and glutes) in a session for the hams, then move the pads to the glutes without adding more. One could add a bit to the skin on the glutes for additional comfort and pad life.

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