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The MIO PACER PC is made with cutting edge 3D accelerometer technology, which allows you to throw the pedometer in your pocket, purse, backpack, and will still accurately count every step you take. The most exciting aspect of the MIO PACER PC is that it has a PC interface which allows you to upload your data to your computer. Having the data on your computer makes it easy to keep track of your progress and set long term goals.
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The MIO PACER PC has a slim, sleek design, only 5mm thick; the size of a credit card! The large LCD display is made for high impact viewing. The MIO PACER PC tracks the number of steps that you take during your day, the calories you burn, as well as the distance you have covered. In addition to the traditional features of a pedometer, the MIO PACER PC also records the speed at which you are walking. The MIO PACER PC is programmable with your height as well as your weight, increasing the accuracy of the readouts. The MIO PACER PC also has 4 distinct goal setting programs to for step, distance, and calories to help give you the motivation you need to reach your daily or weekly target.

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