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Biosig Instrument EXERLOPERS PATENTED NO-IMPACT RUNNING SHOES Exerlopers® are a unique type of running shoes that is fundamentally changing the experience of running and fitness
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Exerlopers® are a unique type of running shoes that is fundamentally changing the experience of running and fitness<.p>

No longer will you feel the bone jarring shock associated with jogging or other aerobic exercises. You will have more fun exercising with Exerlopers®, and they provide a soft comfortable run and a greater workout (up to 3 times) in a shorter time than conventional running..

Patented Exerlopers® have won numerous medals and awards from various international invention exhibitions. Exerlopers® are registered in The American Heritage Dictionary as a new way to run..

The elliptical spring on the Exerlopers® delays the shock you experience when your foot hits the ground. It is a known fact that muscles cannot be exercised by shock because muscles cannot act quickly enough to absorb all the kinetic energy of running. Up to 75% of this energy is transferred to our skeletal structure leading to the gradual wearing out of the bones and joints

Exerlopers® absorb and store the energy that would otherwise be wasted in the form of shock. The springs release the energy slowly and gradually towards the exercised muscles of the runner giving them a safer and healthier workout.

Because Exerlopers® use a heel-to-toe motion, just like walking, you are able to run as comfortably as you walk, with your body in an upright position. The advantage is that you have a longer stride, can go faster, and burn more calories, thus having a more efficient workout. (10 minutes on Exerlopers® is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging).

The springs are compressed by up to the 3 times of your body weight due to the kinetic energy of your running motion. The kinetic energy is converted by the spring into potential energy. That energy is re-applied to the runner and provides a kick-back thus increasing the running speed with less effort. The sensation you get with Exerlopers® is like walking on the moon.

You will be completely at ease with the new feel of running after only a few minutes of practice. The patented Exerlopers® are made of durable, space age materials. They are easy to use and require no maintenance.

By: Roy Stephan M.D.
Specialist in Sports Medicine

We are flooded at our sports medicine clinic by stress related injuries due to running; a sport that has provided sport medicine clinics with up to 60% of their business. The cause of such injuries can be traced to repeated and sustained forceful impact of the feet hitting cement up to 3000 times in a 20 minute jog.

Recently, I conducted a 6 month study on EXERLOPERS to test their efficiency. Much to my surprise their bulky and unstable look gave way to a comfortable and safe fit. It takes about fifteen minutes to get used to them but once mastered they become part of you, much like a skate or ski boot.

You just have to jog on them for 1/4 of a mile to realize that youre heart rate has doubled and youre panting as if you just got off a squash court. There is no question that the amount of work done is at least 4 fold to that of running shoes only. After a short training period of 2 weeks you notice a drastic increase in your endurance and your burst of speed.

My greatest concern, being in sports medicine, was whether EXERLOPERS used as an exercise aid would help decrease the amount of injuries incurred during a jog, and my answer: a definite YES for 2 basic reasons.

The impact phase is lengthened in time resulting in a gradual dispersion of the impact force.

The actual impact force is largely converted to potential energy and stored in the spring to be released upon push-off.

Practically speaking, the effect is that of bouncing on a trampoline, giving your muscles a chance to contract and absorb the impact force and divert some of that energy away from the skeletal system.

One must be careful to use the EXERLOPERS on a flat, even and dry path and always make sure that they are well laced with a comfortable fit.

The other obvious advantage that can be drawn from these boots is their rehabilitative potential in quadriceps strengthening largely centered around knee pathology.

Of course more detailed studies would be needed to verify the benefits listed but my personal and objective finding give this boot a bouncy smile.

Roy Stephan M.D.
Clinique de Chirurgie Centre-Ville
1490 Sherbrooke St. West
2nd Floor
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3G 1L3

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