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Finally, it's easy to administer an accurate dose of medicine - even to finicky infants and toddlers!
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One of the most common reasons young parents call their pediatrician or nurse is because finicky infants often spit out their medication. The Kidz-Med® Medicine dispenser makes it easy to give the most finicky infant or toddler the accurate dose of medicine she or he needs. A small channel inside the dispenser delivers the medicine towards the back of the baby’s tongue mimicking mother nature and reducing chances of the baby spitting it out.

The Kidz-Med® Medicine Dispenser features the unique “plunger” action!

The medicine dispenser is ergonomically designed, with a hinged "syringe" and a small channel inside the pacifier nipple which allows the medicine to be delivered either by the baby’s normal sucking, or gently and accurately by depressing the “plunger”.

Simply pour the correct amount of medicine into the pacifier reservoir, close it and give it to the baby. Gently press the "plunger" to make sure the baby gets a full dose of medicine…..or allow the less finicky baby to suck on it’s own.

The pacifier’s graduated reservoir holds up to 5mL and has volume indications at 2.5 mL and 5 mL (1/2 and 1 tsp). For giving larger doses, there is an opening behind the nipple that can be used with a syringe.

The medicine dispenser is easy to clean just by using regular soap and water and rinsing thoroughly, making sure the medicine chamber is open. The Kidz-Med® Medicine Dispenser is designed by a doctor with safety in mind:

  • The polypropylene mouth shield and silicone nipple are orthodontically approved and cleared to FDA biocompatibility (class 1) standards.
  • Non-invasive, non-irritating.
  • Designed for safety with all parts securely welded together. No loose parts or sharp edges.
  • The Kidz-Med® Medicine Dispenser is intended primarily as a medical aid, not as the child’s regular pacifier.
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