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Smart Mom Jewelry Teething Bling is adornment like no other! Babies often grab for their mother's jewelry and love to play with it and chew and suck on it. This isn't always the best idea for mother or baby. Lots of moms stop wearing jewlery because of this, but now, mothers won't have to give up their jewelry. Smart Mom Jewelry combines the beauty of adornment, with the functionality of having a baby teether close by!
  • Features
Teething Bling Baby Teething Pendant Teething Bling is designed to look like real stone jewelry, but is actually made from federally approved silicone, the same material teething toys are made from. Smart Mom Jewelry has been baby tested! Your baby can pull and tug at your jewelry and it will stand true. The silk cord has a breakaway clasp for safety. Teething Bling is even dishwasher friendly!
  • Style : Bangle Pendant
  • Color : Peridot
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