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The measuring station seca 285 with the three-line multi-function touch display allows weighing and measuring in a single step – and can wirelessly transmit results to a seca 360° wireless printer or a PC
  • Features

Weighing and measuring in one step is made possible by the seca 285. The scale features high weighing capacity, a heel positioner and a solid headpiece with integrated seca Frankfurt Line for precise positioning of patient’s head. Moreover, the complete measuring station has two displays. One display is for direct read-out of height from the headpiece and the other is a three-line multi-function touch display for simultaneous display of height, weight and BMI. Moreover, the scale shows the slightest weight changes with its fine 50-gram graduation and transmits all measurements via the seca 360° wireless

From 30 centimeters to 300 kilograms – from pediatrics to general medicine. A fundamental argument in favor of the seca 285 is its versatility. It is suitable for use in pediatrics to cardiology and nephrology. Everyone from small children to very heavy persons up to 300 kilograms can be weighed and measured on this scale. All heights between 30 cm and 220 cm are covered by the scale’s large range. The scale performs with seca’s own unshakeable stability, thanks to the glass platform, heel positioner and robust measuring rod of high-quality aluminum

From weight to height – from energy consumption to BMI. From the first time a user weighs and measures with the seca 285, he will be pleased with the three-line field in the multi-function touch display. Its operation is intuitive and its white backlit display is easy to read in any light. At a glance the user can see weight, height and the automatically calculated BMI. When the parameters gender, age and PAL (Physical Activity Level) are entered via the input key, the scale can determine resting metabolic rate and total energy consumption and, with the help of the 360° wireless printer, generate a print-out. Likewise with percentiles for children, which the print-out compares to standard values.

Paperless and error-free wireless transmission of measurements. With the seca 360° wireless technology the seca 285 can wirelessly transmit results to the optional seca 360° wireless printer. With network-capable software seca analytics 105 and the wireless adapter seca 456, measurements can be received by your PC, analyzed and made available to an existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. So the seca 285 is EMR-integrated and ready for electronic medical records and all the requirements the future brings with it.

  • Capacity: 300 kg / 660 lb
  • Measuring range: 30 - 220 cm / 11 inch – 7 ft 2 inch
  • Graduation Weight: 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g / 0.1 lb < 330 lb > 0.2 lb
  • Graduation Length: 1 mm / 1/8 inch
  • Weight: 16 kg / 35 lb
  • Power supply: Power Adaptor / Batteries
  • Dimensions: 434 x 2.394 x 466 mm / 17.1 x 94.3 x 18.3 inch / 430 x 60 x 365 mm / 16.9 x 2.4 x 14.4 inch dimensions tray
  • Functions: Auto-CLEAR / Calibration/automatic calibration / SEND/Auto-SEND / PRINT/Auto-PRINT / damping / RESET / Acoustic signals can be activated / CLEAR / Patient data input / Automatic weighing range switch-over / User defined zero setting / HOLD / BMI / Auto-BMI / Auto-HOLD / Automatic switch-off / Mother/child-function / Transport castors / TARE / Pre-TARE
  • Manual

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