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Do you already have an Angelcare baby sound monitor but want just that extra level of reassurance? Or maybe you have 2 little ones, twins or triplets sleeping in the same room. This Sensor Pad with highly sensitive movement detectors is the perfect complement to your existing Angelcare® baby monitoring system. Simply place one under the mattress of each additional baby and you have all bases – and babies – covered.
  • Features

This baby movement monitor is portable and can be used anywhere baby sleeps. The under-the-mattress sensor pad detects the slightest baby movements and alerts you if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. It is a great addition to the Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor from Angelcare if you have twins sleeping in different beds, in the same room. Can also be a great addition to the Angelcare sound monitor or any other sound monitor for that little extra reassurance.

    Why this monitor?
  • Can be used with the sound monitor you already own
  • You already own the Angelcare® Movement & Sound Monitor but have more than one baby to monitor
  • You feel you dont need a sound monitor since you live in small accommodations or baby sleeps in the same room
  • Can be used anywhere baby sleeps (camping, chalet and other places without electricity)
  • Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad detects every movement baby makes
  • Alarm sounds after 20 seconds if absolutely no movement is detected
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Battery operated on 2 AA cells
  • Accessories

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