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The more precious or limited the sample, the greater the challenge to use it for analysis. The narrow sensor shaft of micro pH sensors fits in nearly every sample container and enables measurements of sample volumes down to the lower ranges.
  • Features

Performance to Trust
Measurements have to be fast, precise and reproducible. Tried and trusted technologies combined with state-of-the-art production processes guarantee highest performance for every InLab sensor, providing reliable results at any time.

Easy to Use
All InLab sensors are shipped ready to use. Everything you need for your measurement comes together with the sensor. Your work in the lab will be simplified by application specific sensors, automatic recognition of ISM sensors and the spillfree wetting cap

Built to Last
The thought-out InLab sensor construction as well as the highquality materials used for manufacturing guarantee high robustness even in harsh applications. The versatile sensor portfolio ensures the perfectly suited sensor for every application, a match that greatly extends the lifetime of the products.

InLab® Sensor Technology Proven Reliability
The variety of electrochemical sensors is as diverse as the applications they are used for. Only the right combination of high-quality materials, tried-and-trusted technologies, and the shape of the membrane make a sensor perfectly suited for a specific application.

  • Membrane Glass - The membrane is the pH sensing part of the sensor. Its shape and glass composition are optimized to assure best results for different applications.
  • HA – High alkali glass with low alkali error for high pH values and high temperatures.
  • U – Universal glass for standard applications and small membranes.
  • A41 – highly robust glass particularly resistant to harsh chemicals, suitable for high temperatures.
  • LoT – Low temperature glass with low resistance. Suitable for samples with low temperatures and low ion concentrations.
  • HF – Hydrofluoric acid resistant glass for samples containing hydrofluoric acid (up to 1 g/L).

  • Wetting Cap - Ready to use at any time, easy to handle and spill proof. Perfect to keep the glass membrane hydrated.
  • Junction - The junction is the connection between the reference electrolyte and the sample.
  • Temperature Probe - Temperature compensation included! The pH value of a solution is temperature dependent. Thus, the temperature should be measured with every pH value.
  • Ceramic Junctions - For general applications.
  • Sleeve Junctions - For fast results, best in dirty samples.
  • Open Junctions - For easy cleaning and clogfree measurement.
  • SafeLock™ - For refillable sensors: easy to open for measurement, perfectly sealed for storage and transport.
  • Reference Electrolyte - Liquid electrolytes are typically used for general applications and provide fast results. Polymer or gel electrolytes stand for low maintenance.
  • Shaft Material - The sensor robustness is dependent on the right shaft material. Glass is highly chemically resistant and allows for measurements at high temeratures. When mechanical robustness is key, plastic is the preferred material
  • Reference System - Provides a stable potential against which the pH dependent potential can be compared.
  • ARGENTHAL™ with silver ion trap - For silver ion free electrolyte. No clogging of the junction due to sulfide or protein containing samples or TRIS buffers.
  • SteadyForce™ - Pressurized (3 bar) electrolyte ensures electrolyte flow even in viscous samples and guarantees highly reproducible results.


  • Intelligent Sensor Management - Every ISM marked sensor offers data security and easy handling.
  • Secure and efficient - Calibration data and sensor ID are automatically transferred to the meter.
  • Always up to date - New calibration data are stored in the sensor.
  • Backup certificate guaranteed - Initial factory calibration is stored in the sensor.
  • Conclusive calibration history - The last five calibrations are stored in the sensor.
  • Easy lifetime monitoring - The maximum temperature that the sensor has been exposed to is monitored automatically.

Time is Precious Sensors for Fast Results

Liquid filled electrodes are reliable workhorses, constructed for efficient pH measurements in daily laboratory use of a wide application range. For more complex sample matrices like emulsions or biological media, electrodes with a sleeve junction are recommended.

Electroplating is a common technique used to coat metals in order to add desired properties to them. Strong acids and bases are needed for this process and the robust HA glass of the InLab Routine Pro-ISM is ideal for this application as it covers the whole pH range with an extremely low alkali error.

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