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The B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat lets you travel with confidence knowing your baby is comfy, safe and secure for the journey ahead. SafeCell Impact Protection surrounds your little one in safety and our Complete Side Impact Protection shields your child in a deep shell designed to absorb crash forces and protect from debris. Our SafeCenter LATCH Installation adds to peace of mind by making it easy to install the seat correctly. Includes a Back Seat Mirror
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The lightweight B-Safe 35 infant car seat lets you travel with confidence knowing your baby is comfy, safe and secured for the journey ahead. Safe-cell impact protection surrounds your baby in safety features that work together to protect beyond the established standards. The impact absorbing base absorbs crash energy and our impact stabilizing steel frame gives strength where you want it most. Complete side impact protection shields your child from crash forces and debris and our safe-center latch installation features convenient center-pull straps that make correct installation painless. When you get to where you are going, the lightweight ergonomic design and integrated click and go system makes transferring the B-Safe 35 to a stroller easy. A simple click lets you know that your childs car seat is securely attached and ready to go. The easy-release harness button makes it simple to loosen the harness straps and the extra-large canopy protects your baby from rain and sun. The B-Safe 35 infant car seat is a rear-facing only car seat for infants weighing 4 to 35 pounds and has been designed to make bringing your little one along for the ride safe and easy.

  • Safe-cell impact protection is an integrated system of safety components, including an impact absorbing base, impact stabilizing steel frame, and complete side impact protection
  • Safe-cell complete side impact protection plus gives your child an advanced layer of protection with an energy-absorbing head restraint designed to keep your babys head and neck extra secure
  • Safe-cell impact absorbing base reduces the potential for injury by compressing to absorb crash energy
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