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SKU: M-DFX-100

The CHATILLON DFX is an economical digital force gauge ideal for applications where users are interested in basic peak force measurement. Available in 10, 50, 100 or 200 lb capacity with an integral loadcell with a measurement accuracy of better than 0.5%
  • Features
The Chatillon® DFX Series Medical Kits are compact, easy-to-use force gauge kits ideal for physical medicine, occupational medicine and sports medicine applications and general patient assessment in family, neurological and orthopedic practices. Simplicity was a key design criteria for both clinicians and technicians. Measurement accuracy is better than 0.5% full scale. A large, easy-to-read, high resolution dot matrix LCD display indicates peak push or pull forces. Measurements are displayed in ozf, gf, lbf, kgf and N units. The gauge is available in two models (M-DFX and K-DFX) for medical applications.

Capacity (both models):

  • 100 x 0.1 lb
  • 50 x 0.05 kg
  • 500 x 0.5 N

Model - M-DFX Series (with Conformance Certificate) Comes With:

Standard Accessories Part No. Capacity Thread Mates To
Hook with Latch NC000756 250 lbf 5/16-18F 5/16-18M
Circular Compression Pad SPK-FMG-143 250 lbf 5/16-18F 5/16-18M
Knurled Nut NC000857 - 5/16-18F 5/16-18M
Pistol Grip SPK-FMG-141 - - -
Handle Assembly SPK-DF-HANDLE - - -
Battery Eliminator, 120/230V SPK-DFX-UBE      
Carrying Case SPK-FMG-130      
  • Accessories

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