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SlingEZee RSPWNKXL Classic SlingEZee Periwinkle, Extra Large
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The SlingEZee Collection features cotton fabrics you ll love to wrap yourself in The Periwinkle fabric is undyed as well Just cotton at its finest more ...
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SlingEZee RSPWNKXL Classic SlingEZee Periwinkle, Extra Large

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SlingEZee RSBLKXL Classic SlingEZee Black, Extra Large
Classic SlingEZee Black, Extra Large

Price $55.00
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SlingEZee  RSNATXL Classic SlingEZee Natural,Extra Large
Classic SlingEZee Natural,Extra Large

Price $55.00
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SlingEZee RSBLKCHKXL Classic SlingEZee black Check, Extra Large
Classic SlingEZee black Check, Extra Large

Price $59.00
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SlingEZee RSBCDXL Classic SlingEZee Blue Chocolate Damask, Extra Large
Classic SlingEZee Blue Chocolate Damask, Extra Large

Price $59.00
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SlingEZee RSPWNKXL Classic SlingEZee Periwinkle, Extra Large

Price: $55.00


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Why SlingEZee?

There are key differences between SlingEZee and other baby carriers – whether they are non-slings or other brands of slings. Over the years, we’ve worn a wide variety of baby carriers, and have found that these differences in design greatly impact comfort and ease of use. Now, SlingEZee is better than ever!

SlingEZee has just released their new trimmer, more comfortable and more adjustable slings and that is the version we ship. They made changes in 3 key areas:
1.Shoulder pad: It is now 2 inches narrower, half the thickness and is made from softer, lighter batting. Result - same comfort, less bulk
2.Rails: A lighter and softer batting is now used. It also extends to provide comfort to the upper arm. Result - increased comfort, less bulk
3.Adjustability: A few inches of batting has been removed from the rails near the rings. Result - greater adjustability, flexibility with sizing.

These changes further separate SlingEZee from other slings and carriers available

Size Chart

Find the row that best describes your pre-pregnancy body. If you are between sizes we suggest that you focus on your shirt size. Another sizing method is to use a piece of string to measure from the cap of your right shoulder across your body to your left side at the waistline. If it is between 23 and 26 inches we would recommend the Regular size, if between 19 and 23 inches the Petite size, and if between 26 and 28 inches the Long size.

SizeShirt Size (US)Height RangeWeight Range
X-Petite 0 to 25' or less Less than 100 lbs
Petite 3 to 7 5'1" to 5'4" 101 to 125 lbs
Regular8 to 135'5" to 5'10"126 to 180 lbs
Long14 to 175'11" +181 to 225 lbs
X-long18+ 6' + 250 Ibs+

Benefits of Using a SlingEZee Sling

There are many reasons why the SlingEZee is the favorite baby item many parents own. Here are several:
  • Bonding: Carrying your baby in a SlingEZee promotes better bonding, as baby is cuddled close to you. The SlingEZee is perfect for discreet, easy breastfeeding in public, and for soothing a fussy or high-need baby.
  • Freedom: The SlingEZee frees up your hands, so you can carry on with your life without sacrificing what your baby so badly needs – your touch.
  • Versatility: There are at least six recommended positions you can use to carry your baby or toddler. These are outlined in “The Art of Mothering” booklet as well as the SlingEZee instructional DVD .
  • Comfort: Unlike front packs and backpacks, SlingEZee does not stress your lower back. Your baby’s weight is carried over your hip and shoulder. The soft, washable fabric is well padded over your shoulder and wherever the sling touches your baby’s torso and legs.
  • Healthy: Most parents are choosing the SlingEZee to support their decision to breastfeed their baby, which is a good and healthy choice! Doctors are recommending baby slings because they provide thorough support for a baby's developing spine. Unlike expensive front pack carriers, a baby sling naturally reclines your baby during the early months of development. Chiropractors recommend slings to parents because the baby's weight is evenly distributed over the hip and shoulder. Lastly, ALL health professionals agree that we need to stop carrying "those plastic buckets". Holding your baby next to your body it is better for you and your baby – and it’s safer.
  • Simplicity: It’s easy to put on or take off, even when your baby has fallen asleep in the sling. Storage is easy, too! It fits quickly into a diaper bag or under a car seat.
  • Quality: The SlingEZee is made from 100% cotton by moms like you. Every seam is checked and every thread is trimmed to deliver a high-quality baby sling which stands apart from other baby carriers.
  • Value: Since the SlingEZee accommodates your baby’s growth, from birth through 35 pounds, it’s the only carrier you will need.

  • Weight: 1.00 lb
    SlingEZee RSPWNKXL Classic SlingEZee Periwinkle, Extra Large
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