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Finally you can attach your pressure mounting gate to balusters Perfect for the Gateway or Center Gateway
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Many homes have staircases that arent bordered by a wall. In this case the Y spindle aids installation of the pressure mounted gates to these types of staircases. The Y spindle wraps around the baluster to provide a secure installation.

On the Gateway® (G-11, G-14), use Y spindles only on the hinge side of the gate. No more than 2 per gate can be used.

On the Center Gateway® models (G-15, G-35), the Y spindle can be used on either side of the gate. However, they must be used on the same side. No more than 2 per gate can be used.

NOTE: For installation of a pressure-mounted gate on a staircase with ballusters on both sides, you will need to use a K10 Installation Kit.

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