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Mechanical medical scales with height rod. 400 pound capacity with 4 ounce readability. Height rod measures from 30 to 78 inches with 10-1/2 x 14-1/2 inch platform.
  • Features

Detecto 439 mechanical medical scales have a large 350 pound capacity and easy to read mechanical beam. Detecto scales set the standard in hospitals, clinics and doctors offices worldwide.

  • Capacity: 450 lb x 4 oz
  • Height Rod: 30-78 in (75-192 cm)
  • Platform: 10-1/2 x 14-1/2
  • Color: White

The Detecto Difference:

  • Accuracy - All Detecto scales are tested with weights traceable to the US Bureau of Standards
  • Low maintenance costs - Quality control, factory-engineered interchangeable parts facilitate service and repairs. That translates to low maintenance costs.
  • Heavy-duty understructure - Detecto scales maintain pinpoint accuracy with a fabricated lever system, enhanced by precision-ground, pressed-in knife edges that eliminate friction.
  • All sensitive parts are assembled at the factory for guaranteed accuracy. The scale is delivered in 2 parts - all that is required for assembly is to attach the column to the base
  • Die cast aluminum beam with black insert can be easily read from either side for fast, easy weighing

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