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The Detecto 6495 wheelchair scales offer the speed and increased accuracy that only electronic digital weighing can provide - weight in pounds or kilograms with capacity up to 400 pounds at the press of a button
  • Features

The 6495s MedVue® weight indicator is the clinical industrys most advanced, featuring EMR/EHR-ready serial, USB, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity, BMI calculation, yellow "quick keys" for basic weighing, and a multiline LCD display. The scale is powered by 6 AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter

Up to 99 tares (optional) to store wheelchair weights for efficient patient weighing.
Hold/Release key to hold a weight after leaving the scale for better patient care.
Patient ID Barcode Scanning: Send 14-digit patient ID to the scales MedVueR indicator for EMR/EHR records.
Sturdy steel handrails for patient assurance and safety.
Enjoy freedom of movement wherever you need to position the display for the nurse or patient to easily read with the tilt-and-swivel mounting bracket
This heavy-duty stationary wheelchair scale features a detachable ramp for smooth entry and exit. The 6495 features a padded handrail for ambulatory patients, and Detecto’s state-of-the-art MedVue® indicator allows height to be entered on the keypad for BMI calculation

With Detecto’s 6495 heavy-duty USA-made wheelchair scale, you receive digital speed and increased accuracy. From the scales load cells to its durable steel construction to the hightech digital weight indicator, the 6495 is completely manufactured in the USA by DETECTO at the companys factory in Webb City, MO. The scales ramp with non-skid surface and padded handrails ease wheelchair or standing patient weighing.


    • Capacity: 800 lb x 0.2 lb / 360 kg x 0.1 kg
    • Includes NEW Detecto MedVue indicator (click here for specs)
    • BMI Calculation
    • Digital Height Rod Available
    • EMR/EHR Ready
    • Made in USA Quality
    • Serial USB or Optional Ethernet Port
    • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Optional
    • RS-232, USB interface
    • Padded handrail for ambulatory patients
    • Weight display is mounted on a tilt mount for easy viewing
    • Platform designed to accommodate all sizes of wheelchairs
    • Ramp is designed for a smooth approach and exit
    • Platform: 30 x 26 inches with nonskid removable mat
    • Display: 0.7 inch high contrast LCD
    • Power: 6 "C" sized alkaline batteries or optional AC adapter

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