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The Convaid Vivo Wheelchair is a great economical back-up chair! It weighs only 14-pounds, making it one of the lightest childrens wheelchairs on the market - perfect for outings to school, day programs, or doctor visits.
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The Convaid Vivo Wheelchair is a great economical back-up chair! It weighs only 14-pounds, making it one of the lightest childrens wheelchairs on the market - perfect for outings to school, day programs, or doctor visits. This ultra lightweight wheelchair for teenagers and children is compact folding and easily stows in the trunk of your car. In addition, it comes with a growable seat depth, seat back angle adjustment, adjustable strap back for added positioning and height adjustable swing away footplates.

Our wheelchairs are designed and extensively tested by us, as a result of this extensive testing, our mobility aids meet and in most cases exceed WC19 performance requirements.
Made in the USA by Convaid.

What are WC19 Standards?
Because there are no Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for wheelchairs used as seating in a motor vehicle, the SOWHAT* Committee, under the auspices of ANSI*/ RESNA* and ISO*, developed a voluntary industry standard. That industry standard is commonly known as "WC/19"*.

WC/19 addresses issues of wheelchair design and performance related to its use as seating in a motor vehicle, such as a bus or van. WC/19s purpose is to improve the safety and security of wheelchair-seated occupants of motor vehicles during normal transportation, but especially in the event of a vehicle crash. Therefore, WC/19-compliant wheelchairs, or "transit" wheelchairs, are equipped with an array of features, such as anchor points for securing the wheelchair to the frame of the bus or van and an attachment point for occupant restraints to protect the safety of the wheelchair occupant.
Labeling and documentation are also an important part of the WC/19 standard.

Standard Features:

  • Silver Compact Folding Frame
    - Easily stows in a car, bus or airplane – fold and go!
  • Ultra-Lightweight Wheelchair
    - Is easy to lift and carry
  • 10° Fixed Tilt
    - Promotes an upright position for individuals with good trunk strength and upper body stability
  • 90° - 120° (Degrees) of Adjustable Recline
    - Opens the seat-to-back angle for better digestion, improved respiration, and pressure relief
  • 2-Pt Positioning Belt with Depth Adjustable Crotch Strap
  • Height Adjustable Swing-Away Footplates
  • Adjustable Back Upholstery with Zippered Pockets
    - Allow additional foam padding to be added for firmer support
  • Adjustable Strap Back
    - Provides contoured positioning
  • Multiple Frame Adjustments
    - Extend the life of the chair for a growing child
  • 6" Front, 8" Rear Solid Tire (Measured in Inches)
  • Toggle Wheel Locks
  • Closure Strap

Technical Information:

  • Seat Width: 12" Inches
  • Seat Depth:
    2 Options 8" - 10" (short) 10" - 12" (long) Inches
  • Seat Back Height: 21.5" Inches
  • Seat to Footrest: Minimum 8" inches - 11" inches
  • Seat to Floor: Inches based on Seat Depth - 18" Inches
  • Seat to Back Angle: 90° - 120° (Degrees)
  • Headrest Extension: 5" Inches
  • Shoulder Strap Height: From Seat to Eyelets:
    13" inches - 21" inches
  • Weight of Chair on Standard Models
    (without front rigging): 14.5lbs/Pounds
  • Dimensions of the Chair:
    Width: 20" x Height: 36.5" x Length: 31.5" (Inches)
  • Folded Dimensions of the Chair:
    Width: 14.5" x Height: 17" x Length: 38" (Inches)
  • Weight Capacity: 44lbs/Pounds
  • Warrany on Frame: 5 Years

Vivo Customization Chart

Vivo VV12 - 903426

Vivo VV12 - 903426 - Side View
Options for Vivo VV12 (Sold Separately)
Frame Options
Convaid 903438, Armrests
Pelvis Options
Convaid 903427, Foam Wedge

Convaid 904017
3-Point Postion Belt
Foot Options
Convaid 903415
Foot Positioner - Small

Convaid 903416
Foot Positioner - Medium

Convaid 903417
Foot Positioner - Large
Leg Options
Convaid 903584
Securement Strap

Convaid 903429
Medial Thigh Support

Convaid 903430
Lateral Thigh Support
Trunk Options
Convaid 903988
Padded H-Harness

Convaid 903455
Anterior Trunk Support
Head Support Options
Convaid 903433
Occi Headwings

Convaid 903460
Headrest Extension

Convaid 903436
Headrest Canopy
Accessories for Vivo VV12
Convaid 903437
Grab Bar

Convaid 902022
Travel Bag

Convaid 903435
Padded Tray

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