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Innovative Fitness and Wellness System featuring the BioAge, WellMeter and CardioCapacity tools.
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Impact your well-being like never before! In total privacy, the MIO FitStik conFnects you to revolutionary wellness and fitness tools used by professional athletes as they train to achieve peak physical and mental condition.

We all know our chronological age, but is that really your true biological age? 21st century life is full of stress and a myriad of other potentially life shortening events. Little by little our bodies age faster than the calendar shows.

The MIO FitStik helps you assess your true biological age and potentially reverse the undesirable effects of modern life through lifestyle changes.

Whether you are male or female, young or old, make the MIO FitStik your daily companion to a better, healthier and younger you!

BioAge Test

  • Is your body primed for quick reactions?
  • How well does your body function at rest?
  • Get the true picture of you age
  • WellMeter

  • How do lifestyle choices impact your well-being?
  • Hair, skin, and muscles reflect them externally. But what about your insides?
  • FItStik will provide insight into your overall well being
  • Make informed changes, track your improvements.
  • Cardiocapacity Test

  • Does physical activity leave you out of breath?
  • How well does your body recover after a workout or some physical activity?
  • Check your overall fitness level by your bodys response to light physical challenge
  • Track your progress as your fitness improves over time!
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