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The Health O Meter 2650KG Wheelchair Scale features motion sensing weighing technology providing accurate readings even if the patient is moving around while being weighed.KG Only 454 x 0.1 kg
  • Features
The 2650KG offers a remote display head, a medium-sized platform, and folds for convenient storage. The dual ramps make it easy to wheel patients on and off the platform. KG Only 454 x 0.1 kg
The 2700KG Featuring the largest platform in the wheelchair scale collection, the 2700ZKG can easily accommodate even the widest wheelchair. It is a good choice in facilities where the scale will remain in one location. KG Only 454 x 0.1 kg
  • EMR Connectivity Scale interfaces with a computer, EMR software or other electronic device via various Health o meter® Professional Connectivity Solutions
  • Calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) Scale functions include the ability to calculate the patient’s BMI
  • Versatile Platform Wide and low profile platform accommodates wheelchairs and also provides a comfortable weighing experience for bariatric patients
  • Value-Added Features Operating functions (LB/KG Conversion, LB/KG Lock Out, BMI, Zero,Tare, Pre-tare, Hold/Release, Reweigh, Recall, Auto Zero, Auto Off, Time/Date, Variable Auto Off Time, Audible/Mute Sound Option)
  • Dual Ramps and Remote Display Non-slip ramps provide easy on and off access to weighing platform and remote display provides versatility with the ability to be mounted on a wall or placed on a table
  • Everlock™ (patent pending) Option that allows users to permanently lock the scale in either LB or KG to improve safety

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