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MediRub Massagers MediRub Massagers
Todays family of Medi-Rub� 2000 Foot and Body Massagers are the result of more than 30 years of dedicated research and development, refinement and improvement. They also represent Medi-Rub�?s commitment to designing, manufacturing and marketing the most technologically advanced massagers, which are the industry standard since 1976.
Medi-Rub Body Massager Medi-Rub Foot Massager

MR-2 2000
  • For Personal and Clinical Treatment
  • Relieves Tension and Stress
  • Soothes Aching Muscles and Joints
  • Stimulates Local Circulation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Powerful 2-Speed Motor
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Also Available in 220 volt
  • U.L. Listed

MR-3F 2000
  • For Personal and Clinical Treatment
  • Promotes Blood Flow to the Feet and Calves
  • Widely used by People with Diabetes to Help Improve Circulation
  • Can be used with Shoes On
  • Aides in Prevention of Leg Cramps
  • Maintenance Free
  • Powerful 2-Speed Motor
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Also available in 220 volt
  • U.L. Listed

Buy Both the Medi-Rub Body Massager and the Medi-Rub Foot Massager together and save $25 and don't forget there is free shipping on this Medi-Rub combo.


Medi-Rub Body Massager
Free Shipping

Shipping Wt: 10 lbs

Medi-Rub Foot Massager
Free Shipping

Shipping Wt: 15 lbs

Medi-Rub Combo Special
Free Shipping

Shipping Wt: 26 lbs

Medi-Rub body massagers are easy to use - these body massagers are made NO in the USA ANY MORE Medi-rub foot massagers are ideal for people with diabetes to improve circulation
Q: How long should I use the foot massager?
A: You may wish to start with 5 minutes on low, and gradually increase the speed and the time. Maximum benefits can be achieved in up to 20 to 30 minutes.

Q: How can I use my Foot/Body Massager for help with different conditions?

Q: My skin sometimes itches when I use the body massager. Why?
A: Massage increases blood flow to the area being stimulated which can cause itching, especially in individuals with poor circulation. If itching occurs, reposition the massager.

Q: What if my massager needs repair?
A: All repairs take place at our factory in San Clemente, California. Just call our toll free number, 877-Medirub(633-4782), for details about how to send in your massager to be examined by our technicians.

Q: My family lives overseas. Will the Massagers work in other countries?
A: Medi-Rub� makes massagers in both 110V and 220V. Be sure and request the proper voltage when ordering.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis
Invert the Body Massager. Place it on a level surface, turn it on and place your forearm and wrist on the soft pad. Be sure to keep your hand and wrist level for maximum effect. Duration: 7-15 minutes per wrist.

Leg Cramps and restless leg syndrome
Invert the Body Massager. Place it on a level surface, turn it on and place the cramping calf muscle on the soft pad. Duration: 10-15 minutes.

Neck and upper back pain
Turn on the Body Massager. Using one hand reach behind your neck and place massager on cramping muscle. Note: This technique is even easier if you invert the massager, turn it on and lie back against it, using the soft pad like a neck cushion. Also works great for tension headaches. Duration: 10-15 minutes.

Thighs, Hips and Upper Leg area
Turn the Body Massager on and place directly over cramping, painful muscle tissue. Move the Massager in a circular and back & forth motion. You will feel warmth as the blood flow is increased in the area. Note: This method is also good for agitating cellulite in the hips and thighs. Duration: 10-15 minutes or until muscle tissue is relaxed.

Upper Back, Between Shoulder Blades
This technique requires help. Wonderful for relaxing and soothing knotted and painful back muscles. This is the technique used by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists on patients. The Body Massager is used in a gentle circular massaging motion. No pressure is necessary, allow the massager to do all the work. Simply guide the Massager over the focal area. Note: This technique can also be used on the bare skin with massage oils. Duration: As long as necessary to relax muscle tissue.

Lower Back Pain and Cramping
Turn on the Body Massager, reach around and place massager on the cramping muscle. Warning: Unless you are very flexible, do not attempt this technique at home. Note: A better method is to place the Body Massager between you and a sofa or high backed chair. Sit back against the soft pad of the massager and let the massager stimulate the blood circulation in the muscle tissue. Duration: 7-10 minutes or until cramping has eased.

Leg Cramps and Stimulating Circulation - Shoes Off
To prevent leg cramps and stimulate circulation in the legs and feet, simply turn the Foot Massager on low and place feet on the massager. When using with bare feet, one can use the "Arch Bar" to massage the inside arch of ones foot. This technique is very good for relieving aching feet caused by fallen arches and other tendon-muscle related pain. One can also curl toes around the "Arch Bar" to relieve cramping arthritic toes. Duration: 15-20 minutes for maximum circulation.

Leg Cramps and Stimulating Circulation - Shoes On The Medi-Rub Foot Massager is so powerful, it can even be used with your shoes on. This is very helpful for people who have sores on their feet, and feel more comfortable massaging their feet with shoes on. Also ideal in applications where the massager will be used in a public place and sanitation is a concern. Note: The Medi-Rub Foot Massager oscillates and does not vibrate like other foot massagers. Duration: 15-20 minutes for optimal circulation.

For Phone Orders, call toll-free 888-337-4684 (Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm E.S.T)
All other inquiries, please phone 718-339-6212
FAX 718-336-5570

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